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If you are new to the site welcome and if you do not have a current pageant family then consider yourself adopted. When you are first starting to compete in pageantry the questions are endless. From what do I wear to my interview (every pageant is a little different) to what kind of picture do I submit for my pageant headshot to what’s the difference between stage makeup and interview makeup.

Sigh. Questions lead to more questions, which can cause contestants like yourself to become overwhelmed. The Pageant Planet has a ton of free pageant coaching resources and targeted paid coaching services (ie Pageant Interview Coaching) that we provide for a nominal fee that’s guaranteed to help you or you get your money back.

So our pageant coaching is there if you want to investigate further and as a way to highlight how we can help you we’ve spent a LOT of time creating this free pageant coaching resources for you. Enjoy 🙂

Free Pageant Coaching Questions

Free Pageant Checklist and Preparation Timeline

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