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Get the Look of Miss America 2017

A classic beauty, Savvy Shields took the Miss America 2017 crown home to Arkansas last month. Looking at her beauty, you may wonder how you can achieve that classic and flawless look she usually wears.

It may seem hard to achieve the look Savvy usually wears for her signature makeup look, but here are some tips and tricks to achieve the beautiful Miss America look.

Get the Look of Miss America 2017

Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017.


Smokey eye… Two words that every pageant girl would love to achieve on stage. Savvy rocks her classic smokey eye not only on stage but even in her headshots and for events.

For your eyes, start off with a base of an eyeshadow primer and set it with a powder once it dries so your shadow will not crease on your eyelids during the day. Make sure to blend a transition color of eyeshadow into your crease area of your lid. This way, you can build up the colors with no blending issues for your classic look.

Once you have your base and a transition color (which should be close to your skin color and tone), next you can start building up colors into your crease and outer vee of your eye. Start light, then work up to the darkest shade. In Savvy’s case, she rocks a black smokey eye with a lighter color on her lid. (Read: How To Perfect Your Pageant Eye Makeup)

Start with the lighter color, blend like there is no tomorrow, and work up to the black. Once you get to the black shadow, use a smaller brush and work it slowly with a small amount of product into the outer vee of your eye. Make sure to blend out the edges so it looks soft and gradient, then blend through your crease, avoiding the lower lid area.

Apply a lighter shadow to the lid. Anything with a cream color, light grey, or even a little shimmer should do.

Lastly, blend some lighter colors to the lower lash line with a small pencil brush. Work your way up to a black shadow, and you should be good!


What is better than a classic smokey eye and a classic red lip? I’m not quite sure! Savvy’s signature lip is easy to achieve. (Read: How to Find The Best Red Lip Color for Your Skin Tone)

This glossy red lip is easy to achieve without breaking the bank. While there are many good, high-end expensive red lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, any drugstore red berry lipstick will do!

Once you have found that perfect deep red lip, apply a gloss (either clear, red or something that won’t change the color of the lipstick too much) all over your lips.

Easy peasy!


With a foundation that matches your body and a concealer that highlights your under eyes, the next step is powder. Make sure to set your face. This is important, especially if you have oily skin.

Bronze up the perimeter of your face and under your cheekbones so your skin has contrast and your face’s dimensions are bolder.

Highlight your cheekbones, and apply a very small amount of blush. (Read: How to Apply Pageant Blush and Highlighter)

Any typical face routine will work! Just make sure it is all blended and your features are highlighted.


Don’t forget those false lashes! Make sure to not leave your lower lashes bare. Apply a light amount of black mascara to your lower lashes.

When picking out a pair of false lashes, there are always a lot of options. If you are stuck on what to get, Ardell has amazing products. Try finding a pair of Ardell lashes that give you either a cat eye or a bolder lash. (Read: How to Style Mink Lashes)


Savvy has gorgeous hair, but you don’t usually see her with tight curls.

Curl your hair with a curling iron, but don’t hold the curler to your hair for too long for each curl. Brush out your hair once you’re done curling it so each curl falls down just a little bit.

Spray it in place and lay down the frizz.

Savvy Shields is a class beauty, but achieving her signature look will hopefully be easier for you with these tips! Good luck, ladies!

Which dress do you like better?

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