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Have Pageant Systems Been Copying Crown Designs?

A few weeks ago, Pageant Planet posted a crown HIT or MISS and made a surprising discovery: multiple pageants share the exact same crown! With the ever-increasing list of pageants flooding the market and generic crowns lowering in price every day, some pageant systems are beginning to share the same crown designs. Is that a problem for the integrity of the pageant systems? (Read: Why Did Miss Universe Switch Crowns?)

About the crown-troversy

The Miss Enchanting World Crown, Miss Plus Universe, World’s Perfect Pageant & Model Search and Natural Beauty International are four popular midsize pageant systems. Each pageant varies in years of business, competition model and contestant image. What they do have in common is the crown they bestow upon their winners. (Read: Pageant Question About Crowns and Sashes)

Miss Plus Universe Photo: Facebook
Miss Plus Universe. Photo: Facebook

About the cost of crowns

The average cost of a pageant crown off of a for-profit site can range anywhere between $50 and $150. If bought in bulk off a wholesaler website, a rhinestone embellished traditional tiara can cost anywhere between $10 and $16. Though the crown designer is not specifically named on many of the pageants’ websites, it is possible that all these pageants are ordering their crowns from the same company.

Fun fact: In comparison, the Miss Universe crown costs about $300,000. The international crown is one of few that are made with real gemstones! (Read: Why Did Miss Universe Switch Crowns?)

World's Perfect Woman Photo: World's Perfect Woman Website
World’s Perfect Woman. Photo: World’s Perfect Woman Website

Is it copying?

Is it possible the systems are not aware they share the same crown? Is the crown’s designer promising original crowns and passing off copycats to competing systems? Are directors intentionally stealing crowning ideas from each other? The biggest question, how do contestants feel about the copy-crowns? (Read: How to NEVER Wear the Same Dress as Someone Else)

While there are no copyright issues with pageant systems sharing the same crown, there may be other issues. Having duplicate crowns can lessen the public perception of a pageant system and make titleholders less identifiable. It could also hinder a pageant’s brand if the crown is confused with another system.

What are your thoughts? Does this change your desire to compete at one of the pageants? Have you competed at any of these pageants and have more insight on the crown selection? Comment on this post with your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Have Pageant Systems Been Copying Crown Designs?

  1. This is why Global Elite Miss Australia have personalized our crowns with the initials of our pageant GEMA in our crown design. So even if outher pageants use similar crowns they cannot be identical!!! Each Queen can be sure they are wearing a recognized unique crown.

  2. I believe the biggest issue of different systems using the same crown is the lack of supply of different crowns. Most companies purchase the same crowns for resale because there is a lack of crown designers in the industry. All bulk crowns get shipped to the USA from overseas therefore limiting selection. I design my own crowns for my system and several others through my business Royal Crown Designing. I charge a designer fee and send those designs privately to my crown maker. Companies that I have found on line who will offer to make a design can cost as much or start at a $500 for it, plus the purchase of the crown, however, that’s my fees are much less. I believe your crown should make a statement.

    While some systems feel they can’t afford a truly custom crown, it can actually be done for less than they think. Some Directors are not aware of another system using the same crown. They simply select a crown on a website because they think it’s beautiful or it’s within their budget. They also think if they change stone colors that it becomes a custom crown.

    As the desire to make your system stand out grows,I believe that having a complete custom crown will help with brand recognition. Let’s face it. The competition parts of basically every system in the world are pretty much the same, so I believe the two things that can make a system stand out from the rest is their crown and their sash. After all, it’s your walking advertisement for years to come.

  3. I think having prelim winners having different crowns and sashes also does the same. We have a system that has different crowns for local queens and the same crown for the state queen. Other than reading their sashes you can’t tell they are part of the same system.

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