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How Often Should You Study Current Events for Pageant Interview?

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If you’re participating in systems such as Miss America, Miss America Outstanding Teen, Miss World and even Miss United States you are more than likely going to be asked as least one current events question. So it’s very important that you keep up on what is going on in the planet and in your state so that you can speak intelligently about what is happening.

But, what type of current events should you keep up with, what should you study about them and how frequently should you study current events?

What Type of Current Events You Should Study & What You Should Know

First, let’s tackle the 3 types of current events that you should be keeping up with. They are:

  1. Headline News – Focus on the headline news dealing with new laws, regulations, policies and political scandals.
  2. Celebrity News – Focus on headline stories of a celebrity doing something extreme whether that’s for the good or bad. Know the back story about why a celebrity did what they did in order to formulate an opinion.
  3. Pageant News – Focus on knowing what new rules, scandal and / or events are going on with your pageant and if any pageant girl (or female leader for that matter) does something extreme then you need to know enough about the store to form an opinion and talk intelligently about it.

Don’t worry about digging in too deep regarding stories. If it didn’t make the home page of Yahoo! or CNN then there is a high probability that you are not going to be asked about it in pageant interview. Your judges are busy people with lives of their own so chances are they will catch the news just like you and I do, by skimming headlines, watching nightly news and listening to morning talk shows.

Your pageant judges will not be concerned that you can ramble off statistics regarding a news story – what they want to see is how you react to the subject, what you would do about it if you were in a position of power, and how you think the issue affects your generation.

How Often Should You Study Current Events?

You are a busy girl with school, boys, pageants and extracurricular activities, so how in the planet do you find the time to study news in the mist of everything and how frequently should you be studying the news anyway?

Remember when studying for pageant interview that you don’t need to be prepared for a presidential candidate debate on foreign policy, but you should know how you feel about the most prominent issues on the agenda. This is important because so many girls stress themselves out by trying to memorize every little fact or statistic.

According to pageant coach and former Miss Ohio, Amanda Beagle, you should be studying current events every day. I would add that, you should study interview for 15 minutes everyday. By study I mean, read current events. 15 minutes might not sound like a lot of time but if you read current events for 15 minutes per day, for one year, that equals out to be over 91 hours that you have invested in pageant interview prep. WOW!

Here are a few great resources to help you maximize your time studying:

  1. Set an alarm on your phone as a daily reminder to review current events.
  2. Pageant Question of the Day where we publish daily pageant questions with recommended answers to help you formulate opinions and look even more amazing.
  3. Download the CNN app (or whatever news resource that you connect with).
  4. Sign up for TheSkimm.com. It’s a free newsletter that gives you a daily, fun overview of what that’s happening in the world.

After several days of this, you’ll start feeling really familiar with the issues. If a news story doesn’t make sense to you, find another one. The great thing about this digital age is that you can find multiple platforms telling the same story, and some are less technical than others. Find one that helps clarify key issues.

Many girls want to know why pageant judges put them “on the hot seat” with these current events questions. Especially since it can be so nerve-wracking to answer questions like this if you were just telling a joke in interview or talking about a light-hearted topic, it can feel unnatural to talk current events if you haven’t practiced this in mock interviews.

Judges don’t actually expect you to have the answers to all the problems of the world. If our own leaders are struggling with the economy, global warming, and poverty, it’s not really fair to expect pageant contestants to have a 20 second “solution” to these issues. The judges don’t want that, either- they just want to see that you can converse coherently about the major topics of the day. They want to see whether you’ve formed an opinion and what, if any, next steps you could recommend. Put yourself in the position of problem solver- if you could make one small contribution towards addressing that issue, what would it be?

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