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How One Pageant System is Changing the World

We have all heard the stories of titleholders committing themselves to platforms and acts of service throughout their reign. But it’s rare to hear about an entire pageant organization changing the world on a grand scale.

Imperial Beauties titleholders work to improve the lives of others through their own organization, HOPE, which stands for “Helping Our People Everywhere.” Photo courtesy of World Imperial Beauties.

Standing on its own

Imperial Beauties is an international pageant with a platform in community service and delegates from around the world.

To better able titleholders to provide service to needed areas, they created their own organization, HOPE, which stands for “Helping Our People Everywhere.”

The delegates and royalty work to raise money for the organization to accomplish its goals, and they’ve done just that.

“This past December, [HOPE] moved a single mother and her children into an apartment, paid the rent for six months, collected an entire Uhaul truck of donations of furniture, clothes, appliances, baby items, etcetera to get them started,” explained Tara Ulrich, Florida state director.

The help doesn’t stop there. Future projects have already been planned and are in the works.

“The royalty will be traveling to Jamaica to help renovate a school and donate four computers to them, which will be the first computers the school has had,” said Patrina Buiss, Founder and Executive Producer. “And they will be hands on helping to build a two-bedroom house for a family in need.”

Not only do they perform community service, but Imperial Beauties also honors the community service of their delegates.

“The pageant also awards titles for Goodwill Ambassadors,” Buiss said. “This is mostly based on community service, so it gives girls that are really involved in giving back an opportunity for another chance at an international title.”

Contestants from all over the world compete in the international pageant. Photo: iCandy Photography

World view

Sometimes, understanding the needs of those beyond your borders can be difficult. Even with social media, we are rarely exposed to the needs of our neighbors let alone those in other countries, and if we do see it, we rarely get to know how to help.

However, the delegates and royalty with Imperial Beauties have feet on the ground in various countries around the world.

“Imperial is a true international pageant with girls coming from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, West Africa, Philippines and Guyana,” said Heather Merrill, World Imperial Beauties Imperial Woman 2016.

It doesn’t stop there.

“Contestants are also coming from South Africa, Hungary, Barbados, Antigua and Canada,” Buiss added. “We will also have a pageant in India and Puerto Rico.”

The queens show off their beautiful crowns. Photo: iCandy Photography

Joining the cause and the fun

Imperial Beauties recently held a pageant in Florida and will be holding future pageants in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Bahamas as well as ones in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

While they are looking to add more state pageants in the future, with the international pageant coming up in July, you can apply to be an appointed delegate.

Divisional titles are available for single women and girls ages 4-60.

“The pageant fee is sort of all-inclusive in that it covers almost everything the girls need,” Buiss said. “It includes all required competitions, a half-page color ad in the program book, all stage and crowning shots of competitions, all mini optionals like best hair, eyes, smile, etcetera and tickets to two themed dinner parties.”

The winners received an all-expense paid luxury cruise as part of the prize package. Photo: iCandy Photography


The prizes are always the fun part of a pageant, and Imperial Beauties makes sure its titleholders are treated like queens.

“As part of the prize package, the royalty gets an all-expense paid luxury cruise,” Merrill said. “This year they went to the Turks and Caicos.”

Patrina had a blast spoiling them with unique gifts and several personalized items. In October, she had a royalty weekend in Florida and treated the girls and parents to a beautiful resort stay, restaurants and a galore of really nice gifts. They were really treated like celebrities with hair and makeup and photoshoots.

The royalty also has the opportunity to attend the pageants in the Grand Caymans, Bahamas and Jamaica, which I think is unique.

Additionally, titleholders will be award an educational scholarship.

“Offering scholarships makes good business sense for the pageant competition, simply because it stresses the importance of education in an industry that traditionally emphasizes physical beauty and style,” explained Buiss. “With the increase in scholarship offerings, educational goals and community service are more heavily weighed for winning a divisional title instead of a pretty face and a beautiful gown.”

World Imperial Beauties queens pose together on board the cruise ship. Photo: iCandy Photography

Going Forward

So, are you ready to change the world for those around the world? Contact Imperial Beauties for your chance at the crown and all the service these beauties do. Dream, believe, achieve!

Good luck!

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One thought on “How One Pageant System is Changing the World

  1. I love the Imperial Beauties scholarship pageant as it really helps young girls to blossom and grow into their best selves. I would encourage all girls and women to enter and enjoy the Imperial experience. Hats off to Patrina and her team, And thank you Pageant planet for featuring the Cayman Islands queens (1st photo) along with the others.

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