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How Starlite Galaxy Prepares You For the Real World

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Starlite Galaxy titleholders with Miss Universe titleholders. Photo/Starlite Galaxy.

Pageants have long been heralded for their ability to help contestants develop life skills. Interview, public speaking, confidence, self-marketing and branding, and presence are all skills that translate into life beyond the crown.

Many systems offer the development of these skills, but some systems go beyond and support contestants in developing themselves in education, community involvement, platform advocacy, and even encouraging contestants to speak up, take a stand and make a difference.

One such system is Starlite Galaxy.

From Crown to Career

“The Starlite Galaxy system activities are designed to support educational achievement, life skills development, social enrichment, and community advocacy with the end result that young women are empowered to accomplish their personal and professional goals,” explained Emma Mason, an intern with Starlite Galaxy. “It is an academically focused pageant in support of women’s education. We award cash, honors and prizes.”

Getting to meet other titleholders in other systems is a big part of learning how to network and co-work across arenas in life beyond pageantry.

Often in the business world, you are working with other companies and other departments within your own, so developing those communication and teamwork skills in a pageant setting will help in your future careers. (Read: 5 Positive Things We Learn From Pageantry)

Starlite Galaxy Titleholders with Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber. Photo Courtesy/Starlite Galaxy.
Starlite Galaxy Titleholders with Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber. Photo Courtesy/Starlite Galaxy.

“The Starlite Galaxy Queens have had the opportunity of meeting amazing royalty including Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016, at the Miss Black USA Pageant in August 2016 in Washington D.C.,” Mason said. “The girls had the honor of meeting the newly crown Miss Black USA Tonille Watkis. In February of 2017, the girls had the opportunity to see Miss USA again and Miss Universe during a New York Sighting event for the newly crowned Miss Universe.”

From Crown to Community

Getting to meet titleholders from other systems is great, but getting to actually interact with those from larger and more widely known systems really helps titleholders see how to carry themselves at appearances and when representing those they serve and lead. (Read: How to Promote Your Platform Through Community Service)

“The girls were interviewed by French Foreign Press and a local French newspaper,” Mason said. “Deshauna and Iris both went right to the girls, took selfies and interacted with the girls on and off during the three-hour event. Miss Universe even featured a photo of herself with Dharma and Zoe on her Snapchat.”

Starlite Galaxy, Miss Universe 2016,
Starlite Galaxy with Miss Universe 2016 on her Snapchat. Photo Courtesy/Starlite Galaxy.

You never know who you will meet at an event or who you will benefit from meeting, so never miss an opportunity to introduce yourself to someone in the main attraction’s bigger circle.

“The girls also chatted with the national stylist for Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe, Marquis Bias,” Mason said. “Miss Teen United States 2016, Andreia Gibau, was also included in this event.”

From Crown to Cause

While contestants and titleholders often take on a platform to support and speak on, many systems today are adopting system-wide platforms.

Starlite Galaxy supports the Pink Purple Princess Project, or P4, created in honor of Starlite Galaxy founder Topanga Harmony’s mother, Mary.

Mason explained, “Pink Purple Princess Project is a nonprofit that benefits women battling breast cancer and/or domestic violence. The concept was created after Topanga’s mother Mary Brown was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in March 2015. She died on January 4, 2016. Mary helped Topanga create and support her vision until the end. Prior to being diagnosed, Mary was a domestic violence awareness advocate. She expressed her passion to raise awareness on her radio show ‘IweUMedia Inspirational Wake-Up’ on hamiltonradio.net. She also worked with Womanspace and St. Francis Hospital Domestic Violence program.”

From Crown to Charity

Using national and international months and days of awareness to piggy-back on to get your message out to the masses is a great tactic to use when promoting your platform.

“As you may or may not know, October is not only breast cancer awareness month, but it’s also domestic violence awareness month,” Mason said. “This marriage was destined to be a part of [our] lives. As an entity of P4, part of the Miss Starlite Galaxy profits benefit this nonprofit.”

Fundraising is often what the platforms that pageant girls support really need. While support and likes and shares on social media are great, what the organizations often really need are monetary and material donations to be able to put their goals and visions into action. Then pageant girls can continue their work that inspired them to promote these organizations in the first place.

Starlite Galaxy,Miss Black USA 2016
Starlite Galaxy titleholders with Miss Black USA 2016. Photo Courtesy/Starlite Galaxy.

“’We Love the 90’s: An homage to Icons and Legends’ was yet another innovative creation of Starlite founder Topanga Harmony to raise money for the charity,” Mason said. “This calendar features reigning international, state and alumni queens portraying famous popstars of the 1990’s. All proceeds benefit P4. Starlite Galaxy also puts on an annual P4 fashion show, which other pageant titleholders can participate in.”

There is a Go Fund Me page for the Pink Purple Princess Project if you are interested in donating to it.

Get Involved

If you are between that ages of 10 and 29 and would like to get involved with Starlite Galaxy, support Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness, and have the chance to meet top titleholders from around the world, they are looking for contestants.

The areas of competition are Social Interview (set up like a media interview with three to five other contestants and the judges), Theme Wear, Formal Wear and Final Say (contestants get to explain why they should be chosen as the titleholder).

Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia will have a preliminary on May 6, 2017, at the Cambria Hotel in Washington D.C. This is an open preliminary, allowing contestants from other states to compete for the Starlite Dynasty titles in their respective divisions.

The International finals will take place August 4-6, 2017.

If you reside or go to school in a state or country where there is not a preliminary competition, you may submit an application and headshot to be considered for an appointed title. You will be contacted by the National Director. The fee for appointed titles in $399.

Going Forward

As always, when looking for a pageant system to compete in, look at the values and what each system supports. If its mission and morals align with your own, then it’s the system for you.

Consider Starlite Galaxy for your next pageant and contact the directors with any questions you may have.

Good luck, ladies!


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