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How Sugar Makes a Swimsuit Body Fat

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Miss Ohio 2013 – Clearly on a Low Sugar Diet


Something everyone loves but most pageant girls should try and stay away from.  While you are competing, you probably hear people talking about how they are on low-fat or low-carb diets.  Pageant girls these days seem to think that is what they should be doing.  After reading this article you might be eating a low-sugar diet instead!

Sugar + Pageant Swimsuit = FAT

Let’s start off with a mini science lesson, as this is the only way to explain what sugar does to your body.  Scientifically, one gram of sugar gives you four calories and one gram of fat gives you nine calories.  So why is sugar bad for you?  Unlike fat, sugar is quickly assimilated by the body and causes a sudden rise in glucose level in the blood.  This causes an instant energy boost.  In response to the high blood glucose levels, your body will secret more insulin which makes the glucose level fall.

So when your sugar level drops, you feel hungry and eat more food.  Think about when people eat a bunch of sweets.  They become manically energetic and then shortly become irritable.  All of this is caused by reduced blood sugar levels.  After they eat more food they are happier.  This is why sugar is the main cause of obesity- sugar makes people eat more food!  It is obvious that if you eat more sweets, you will tend to eat more food to satisfy your appetite.  Now, all of these extra calories will be stored in the body as fat.  Each person stores most of their fat on different parts of their body.  Unfortunately mine is my stomach, which might be your trouble spot as well.

How to Reduce Sugar Intake

So how should you reduce your sugar intake?

First, take a look at your pageant diet and see how much sugar you are actually having.  Foods with high sugar content include cakes, pies, pudding, muffins, cereal bars, breakfast cereal, ice cream, soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, sweetened or flavored milk, and flavored yogurt.  You will probably see that most of this sugar in your diet is coming from beverages.  Start by cutting those out!  Try and stick to water and ditch your Diet Coke for good!  Don’t consume energy drinks.  These drinks are not a helpful pre-workout and really shouldn’t be consumed, especially by pageant girls.  Make sure to read the nutrition label on packaged food.  Avoid buying food that is loaded with sugar.  A few grams of sugar are okay, but when it’s up to 30 grams a serving stay away!

So now that you know more about sugar and how it works in the body, think about all of the food choices you make today, and every day.  Cutting out sugars can really help you to see a change in your swimsuit body. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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One thought on “How Sugar Makes a Swimsuit Body Fat

  1. I completely dislike this article. Sugar also comes as fructose — fruit sugar. So it is important to emphasize that “ADDED SUGARS” are what we do not want. What we do want to consume, are carbohydrate that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals (foods that are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.). Also, if people are partaking in exercise, the way the body uses nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate) is not what you explained. The title of this article is clearly not written by a registered dietitian.

    With my clients, I always try to limit added sugars, but if they are going to have sugars of any type, I pair them with a healthy fat or lean protein. This helps stabilize the blood sugar levels and reduce that feeling of hunger shortly after a so-called “sugar rush”. Something like dried edamame (140 calories, 14 grams PRO) and strawberries (50 calories). OR, greek yogurt (140 calories, 16g PRO) with freeze-dried pears (45 calories) in it (freeze-dried has no added sugars like regular dried fruit does).

    I do not want to sound bitchy, but, the matter-of-fact title and content came across as an inexperienced person in the nutrition world.

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