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How to Apply Glitz/Glam Pageant Makeup

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Eden Wood

Even the tiniest of tots need to look as glamorous as can be. Glitz pageant makeup emphasizes highly pigmented shadows and blush more so than the standard application of makeup for other pageant systems. The application of Glitz makeup does not veer far from the techniques that Miss USA or Miss America would utilize. The main difference between glitz makeup and the regular application of makeup for a pageant is the freedom to apply brighter, more elaborate shadows that, on an adult, would look very childish. I will breakdown how to apply makeup for a Glitz Pageant.

Glitz and Glam Makeup Tips

Understand the rules and guidelines for your particular competition. Depending on the type of pageant the child is participating in, you may be limited to how much makeup you can apply, if any at all. Ask the questions about makeup guidelines at orientation and prepare your child for success.

Glitz makeup has to flow. Just like with any pageant competition, the makeup has to coordinate with your overall look. Do not wear bright pink eye shadow if you dress has no hint of pink in it. Knowing how to work the makeup into your contestant’s look will make her look like a mini pageant queen instead of a child playing with makeup.

Beware of too much sparkle. In photographs, the sparkle in the makeup can cause a major reflection. Use a moderate amount of sparkly eye shadow, especially creamy, shimmer eye shadows.

Watch out for allergic reactions to makeup. Children have very sensitive skin. Avoid makeup that is known to cause breakouts in adults. Look for hypoallergenic alternatives that still give you the Glitz look you desire.

• Apply liquid foundation onto the skin ensuring that the skin is evenly blended.
• Apply highlighters underneath the eyes to give way to brighter eyes in photographs and on stage.
• Go over liquid foundation and highlighter with a loose powder, to mattify the look of the foundation.

I typically hold off on utilizing loose powder until the end of the makeup application, but being that this is Glitz, the powder allows the pigmented shadows and blushes to pop on the skin. This is why I recommend it in the beginning stages.

• Apply primer to the eyelids. This will allow the eye shadow to stick to the eyelids.
• Take the lightest shadow color and apply over the entirety of the lid.
• In the crease of the eye, add the next deepest, or in this case brightest, color. Ensure to really emphasize the color in the crease because that ultimately is the main color people will notice from the audience.
• On the outer corners of the eye, add the deepest color.
• Be sure to blend these colors together with a blending brush to eliminate any creases in the makeup.
• Fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that is no more that one shade darker then the child’s natural brow color.
• Take your eyeliner and line the top and bottom of the eyes. On the bottom lash line, try and get as close to the waterline as possible. The goal is to add emphasis to your child’s eyes, not depth.
• For the finishing touch to the eyes, I recommend false eyelashes and a bit of mascara.
• One coat of mascara will be enough prior to applying the false eyelashes. This will allow the child’s natural lashes to blend with the false lashes.
• Apply the false lashes as close to the lash line as possible make them appear as natural as possible.

In my opinion, eye shadow in Glitz has to be fabulous. When done right, your child’s eyes will glow and the photos they take will be amazing. Look for shadows that provide just enough sparkle and glam to your child’s look.


• First, make your child smile as big and bright as possible.
• Apply the blush on the apples of her cheeks.
• Add the blush starting from the apples of the cheeks and begin to stroke outward towards the hairline.

By having your child smile when applying blush, you are ensuring that her smile is youthful and bright. In the Miss division, I advise women to suck in the cheeks when applying blush. Miss competitors need to contour the face and add definition. Smiling when applying blush on your child makes the face appear less defined, which in turn makes the child appear youthful.

• Stick with the pale pinks and corals.
• Prep the lip using primer or chapstick.
• Apply the lip color over your child’s lips using a dabbing motion to fill in the creases of the lip.
• Apply a shimmery clear gloss over the lip color.

I do not recommend deep reds and violets for Glitz. Nothing is worse than trying to make a child look older than their age.
Keep all makeup age appropriate and apply enough to enhance your child’s beauty, not recreate it.

Any questions about Glitz you would like to ask me? Tell me below!

Which dress do you like better?

4 thoughts on “How to Apply Glitz/Glam Pageant Makeup

  1. To get a little one to wear falsies is almost impossible. Have you tried Younique 3D Moodstruck fiber mascara? No glue, no trimming, no application of false lashes and safe for kids too.

  2. Thank you so much for your advice! My daughter just didnher very first pageant and loved it! We do need instruction with makeup, but her hair is the real challenge. She has natural very curly hair. Any tips on how to style it?

    1. You’re welcome! We have written an article that will help you do just that. Read, “Best Pageant Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair“. Also read, “Top 5 Products for Curly Hair

  3. Thanks for sharing a great article on makeup. It is very helpful for me.

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