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How to Build up Your Pageant Brand

Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016
Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 – Photos: (L) Miss USA Instagram / (R) Nigel Barker

First things first, what is a pageant brand? A pageant brand is a purposeful and intentional
marketing strategy to display a singular image to a particular audience. Huh, you say? Basically, a pageant brand, in a nutshell, is what people think of you or identify you as when they think of your name.

Are you an athlete? Are you a singer? Are you a philanthropist? These things help to build and maintain
a strong pageant brand, and having a strong pageant brand can ultimately help you win the crown. What Does Your Headshot Say About Your Brand?)

Don’t believe us? Take Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, for example. Her pageant brand was relevant
even before she ever stepped on that Miss USA stage and all throughout the competition. What is Miss
USA’s pageant brand? She is an officer in the US Army reserves. This is evident through many aspects of the competition, even when watching the live telecast. Her video promos, her emcee commentary, and even her onstage answer all had something to do with her being in the army. Her brand is strong and consistent – two
things that are critical to building a strong pageant brand.

What is my brand? When should I start it?

The answer to when is simple: yesterday.

Believe it or not, if you compete in pageants you already have a pageant brand. Choosing to build it or just let it naturally develop is up to you. Ask yourself, what do people think of when they think of you. Is it that you are an entrepreneur who started her own business or a fashionista who always has the latest styles?

Whatever you come up with, look at your social media (both personal and titleholder). Is what you posting relevant to your brand and is it consistent? If your brand is that you’re a rough and rumble athlete by day and a beauty queen by night, are you posting about athleticism and good sportsmanship or are you posting funny cat videos? Staying consistent is the key to building a strong pageant brand.

Why is this important?

Once you identify your pageant brand, you can better develop it and use it to help yourself win your
next pageant. Not choosing to develop your pageant brand might not lose you the crown, but it can give
your competition a “leg up” over you.

Having a consistent pageant brand on and off stage also allows you to convey why you should be chosen as the titleholder before you step foot on stage. Are you actively involved in your community and passionate about your platform before you have the crown? Are you showing judges through your social media and your pageant brand that you are capable of performing the job of titleholder?

Start building your pageant brand today and let it work for you! Ask family, friends, your pageant sisters
or even your director what they think of when they think of you then ask yourself what you want to be
known for, and build your own pageant brand!

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One thought on “How to Build up Your Pageant Brand

  1. I loved the pageant brand article. I am a jazz singer and successful on the circuit. I was one of those people who stumbled on pageants and fell inlove with it. I did Galaxy and came in top ten and won Ms Congeniality. I fell into a sisterhood of sparkles and i loved it. My first love is music but i have found they go hand in hand as one helps the other. Plus my love for vintage Glamour has helped. Thanks for this website it is a great insight

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