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How to Choose the Right Earrings for Pageant Interview

Gabby Buchan, Miss Picken's County's OT 2017, kicks off her heels after a successful interview. Photo Courtesy of: Gabby Buchan's Facebook.
Gabby Buchan, Miss Picken’s County’s OT 2017, kicks off her heels after a successful interview. Photo: Gabby Buchan’s Facebook.

Let’s talk about interview! So, you’ve mastered all current events, perfected your paperwork, gotten the perfect outfit, and the best shoes. What else could there be? Have you thought about what earrings you would wear?

Earrings are a critical yet overlooked component to a successfully styled interview look. You want to make sure your earrings are professional and create clean lines, yet still are fashion forward.

How to Choose the Right Pageant Earrings for Interview

Junior Age Divisions

For younger contestants, interview is less likely a mandatory competition. However, for some multi-division pageants, it is a part of the contestants’ overall score. For pageants where contestants ages 4-9 compete in interview, it is common practice to choose smaller earrings that are less distracting for the contestant and judges.

A small stud earring in a diamond or pearl, or earrings no longer than .5”, are ideal. (Shop: Delicate Faux Pearl Decorated Earrings)

These delicate faux pearl decorated earrings are perfect for junior division contestants and available in the Pageant Planet Shop! Photo Courtesy of: The Pageant Planet Shop.
These delicate faux pearl decorated earrings are perfect for junior division contestants and available in the Pageant Planet Shop! Photo: The Pageant Planet Shop.

Preteen Contestants

The Preteen age division is by far one of the toughest age divisions in pageantry. It can certainly be the awkward stage for most girls as they begin developing into young ladies. Their earrings for the pageant interview competition should be appropriate for their age range. (Read: How to Overcome Insecurity as a Preteen Titleholder)

Many of the rules for junior division girls will still apply to Preteen contestants. You’ll want to make sure that your earrings are not too large. Especially since Preteen contestants are still growing, you won’t want an earring too big for their heads!

Stay between an earring around .5” to a maximum of 1″ in length. You won’t want an earring that is too flashy for interview. Small dangles are perfect for this age range.

Lydia Jaime poses for interview during pageant. Photo Courtsey of: Lydia Jaime Facebook.
Lydia Jaime poses for interview during her pageant. Photo: Lydia Jaime Facebook.

Jr. Teen and Teen

Entering into the Jr. Teen or Teen divisions can be an exciting time for a young contestant. Finally, there is room for a little more ambition when it comes to your pageant wardrobe. Interview is no exception. (Read: )How to Dress for Pageant Interview as a Teen)

In the Jr. Teen and Teen division, title dependent on the pageant, you will start to see more trendy outfits such as jumpsuits come into play. This means that the earrings should be more fashion-forward and trendy as well.

Still, you want to keep the earrings less than 1.5″ in length so that they are not distracting during your big moment. The judges are up close and personal, so there is no need to be flashy.

Madison Dinkins poses before interview at Miss South Carolina OT. Photo Credit: Rhonda Dinkins.
Madison Dinkins poses before interview at Miss South Carolina OT. Photo: Rhonda Dinkins.


Everyone’s favorite division thanks to the popularity of televised pageants over the years, Miss contestants have always had pretty high standards when it comes to expectations.

Picking the right pair of earrings for a Miss contestant shouldn’t be complicated or difficult. Make sure that your earrings do three things. (Read: How to Pick the Best Interview Outfit for Miss Contestants)

First, be sure that your earrings are age appropriate. Baby hoops are for babies who just got their ears pierced, not Miss contestants. Leave them alone, just don’t do it!

Second, be sure that your earrings match your outfit. This one should be obvious. While your earrings don’t have to be matchy-matchy, make sure there is a connection between the two.

Last, interview earrings are the only earrings where “go big or go home” is terrible advice. Yes, we know you’re a Miss. Yes, we know you want huge pageant earrings. But, save those for the stage. You don’t want the judges to be distracted. (Read: Top 10 Interview Outfits From Miss USA 2017)

Ms. and Mrs.

An often overlooked division is the Ms. and Mrs. divisions. Many of the contestants are already successful in their careers and family oriented. Dressing for interview sometimes can be challenging, as the age range can drastically vary. (Read: How to Pick the Best Ms and Mrs Interview Outfits)

However, for the most part, Ms. and Mrs. pageants tend to be very conservative, professional and traditional. This does not mean that you cannot be trendy and fashion-forward, though!

Be mindful of your system and be sure to choose an earring that best complements your personality and, of course, your interview outfit!

Why is styling so important?

Styling for beauty pageants is one of the most important factors in overall fashion presentation. Contestants should ensure that the styling is consistent with their pageant brand. (Read: How to Build up Your Pageant Brand)

In any age division, a simple professional earring, such as studs, can tie a look together. When choosing your earrings for your next competition ask family, friends, spouses and, of course, your pageant coach for their opinions.

Remember, you can never go wrong with a simple earring that you love!

Which dress do you like better?

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