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How to Choose the Right Yellow Evening Gown

Karlie Hay, Miss Teen USA 2016. Photo Credit: Darren Decker

Yellow evening gowns have become the on-trend color for beauty pageant contestants of all age divisions over the past few seasons. It is a color that exudes joy and happiness. It also is one that translates well on stage and to the judges.

If you are considering wearing a yellow evening gown for your next competition, check out these three tips to choose the perfect gown. (Shop: Pageant Essentials)

How to Choose the Right Yellow Evening Gown

1. Pick the correct shade of yellow

There are several different shades of yellow from chartreuse to saffron. Choosing the right shade for your skin tone and hair color can make or break the gown.

Take into consideration the tone of your skin. Do you have yellow undertones or red undertones? Are you more tan or more pale? Answering these questions will help you choose a shade that is flattering. Generally speaking, darker shades flatter darker skin tones while lighter shades flatter lighter ones.

Your hair color will also play a role in the shade of yellow you should choose. Yellow on blondes has become a very popular combination, as the yellow in the dress can bring out the yellow tones in the hair. (Shop: Pageant Shoes)

Be careful that if you dye your hair blonde, you do not go “too blonde” as the yellow in the dress can easily overpower a highly saturated blonde and produce a washed out look on stage. (read: What Colors NOT To Wear In Pageant Interview Based On Your Hair Color)

Kennedy Chase, Miss High School America 2016. Photo Credit: Kennedy Chase

2. Perfect the fit

The fit is critical in any phase of the competition, but especially in evening gown. Choose a fit that flatters your body shape and accentuates your best features. (Shop: Pageant Jewelry)

Take into consideration your body type: tall and slender, pear-shaped or hourglass. If you wish to accentuate your waist, consider choosing an a-line or ball gown shaped dress. If you wish to lengthen your legs, consider a more flowing gown with a high empire waistline.

The silhouette of the dress is just as important as the color.

“Yellow ballgowns always command the judges’ attention, and a yellow gown with movement is typically a crowd pleaser!” said Jill Rowland of Dazzles Prom and Pageant in Columbia, South Carolina.

Be sure that the gown fits your body perfectly. There should be no bunching at the waist or hips. The gown should also brush the floor. Consider getting your gown professionally altered if necessary. (Read: How To Choose The Right Evening Gown For Your Body Type)


3. Hair styling matters

When deciding how to wear your hair to best complement your dress, consider the neckline of the dress. Are there interesting details around the neck such as a high neckline or beaded collar? If so, consider wearing your hair in an updo.

If your dress has a more open neckline, consider wearing your hair back and away from your face. Gowns with off-the-shoulder or strapless necklines tend to look for flattering without the distraction of hair in your face.

Gowns with plunging necklines or sweetheart cuts look great with long hair styled in curls and down. The contrast of the neckline and the hair gives the appearance of a longer neck. (Read: Matching the Right Hairstyle with Your Gown)

Savannah Chrisley, Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2016. Photo Credit: Greenwood Productions



Going Forward

Now that you are armed with tips on picking the absolute perfect yellow dress of your dreams, it is time to take this knowledge and find the dream dress. Although we may all want to dazzle the judges in a beautiful yellow gown, make sure that yellow is a color that will flatter you on stage.

Consider different styles and shades, and bring friends, family, or your coach along to give you feedback on your looks. Once you have the perfect dress, anything is possible!

Check out the Pageant Planet Dress Directory to find your perfect yellow dress!

Which dress do you like better?

One thought on “How to Choose the Right Yellow Evening Gown

  1. Great article Talisha!?We know yellow is a dazzling color on you! Your ASHLEYlauren gown at USA National Miss was perfect!

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