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How To Cover An Acne Scar With Makeup

Typically when you look at your pageant crown, it brings back memories of a fantastic time in your life. When you look in the mirror and see acne scars, if you are anything like me, you cringe at the horror! Acne is something that few are blessed to never experience, most people are plagued with at some point in time their lives.  The fun part about being beautiful women in this crazy world is that we can hide the smallest imperfections with makeup. There are tons of women just like you and I that have acne scars, and you do not even know it. Ladies, welcome to the wonderful world of concealer.  Covering acne scars is imperative to creating a soft, smooth, pageant-ready complexion. I will discuss how to cover acne scars with makeup.

Queen of Makeup Tips

  • See a dermatologist.  Television commercials and print ads can steer you in the wrong direction in regards to knowing what is best for your skin. See a licensed professional and have them determine the best skin care regimen for you.
  • See your makeup artist, or favorite retail cosmetic counter manager to match your concealer and foundation.  In order to properly cover acne scars, you must first ensure that your concealer and foundation are the right tone. Set a time, long before competition, to make sure that you have the right tools in your makeup kit to hide any imperfections.
  • Never cake on makeup to cover scarring.  Not only does it make you look overdone, but it is terrible for your skin. It is not a myth; you can apply TOO much makeup.  Apply just enough makeup to cover your scarring, but still allows you to look natural.
  • Before applying makeup, make sure the skin is properly cleaned, moisturized, and primed. As we have discussed before, cleanliness is the most important factor in skin care. Be sure to keep the skin clean and clear before applying makeup.

Tools you will need:

  • Concealer Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Concealer
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Translucent Powder

Take note:  For the concealer, liquid foundation, and powder I recommend that you utilize the products your makeup artist suggests. When it comes to competition, you want to be perfect. If acne scarring is something that you have struggled with on your own, do not go to the drug store and pick the first available product. Do your research and go into competition with your best foot forward.

Step One: With you concealer brush, dab concealer onto the affected areas of discoloration. This can be anywhere on the face, but predominately scarring is found in your T zone.  Do not rub concealer into your skin. It will not give you the optimal coverage you need. Dab into the skin until the scar is covered.

Step Two: Once the concealer is set, apply any additional highlighters you may need to the skin, and then add your liquid foundation. Take your foundation brush and sweep it in gentle strokes over your face. Try to pay attention to any streaks that may appear and continuing stroking the liquid foundation into your skin until all of your face is evenly covered.  Use a lighter stroke when going over the portions of the skin where you applied concealer, but make sure that you are still blending the foundation into your skin.

Step Three:  Go to all the amazing Pageant Planet articles that tell you how to do your Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips and complete this look!

Step Four: Dust translucent powder over your face to achieve the matte finish.

Step Five: Throw on your gown, let your hair down, and rock the stage!

No pageant queen is perfect! Although we strive for perfection, find comfort in knowing that we all are perfectly imperfect.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or funny stories?! Tell me below my loves!


Stay perfectly, imperfectly beautiful!




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