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How to Create a Pageant Checklist

These girls came prepared for every phase of competition!

I’ll never forget my first pageant. When preparing for a pageant I was told by my mom, “Mark and label everything.” I didn’t realize how right she was. The actual competition part of pageantry happens so fast. You’re either on stage performing or back stage rushing around changing! Every minute is precious.

Creating a checklist helps you to remember everything and to be organized. During competition, you don’t have time to hunt for a missing earring. Or worse, you don’t want to be stuck at a pageant with your earring remaining forgotten at home. (Talk about a nightmare!) Being organized is a part of pageantry. For that reason, having a checklist handy will help relieve stress and assure you that all of your items are prepared.

My suggestion is, when creating the list, to organize the list by competition. When creating a list, keep the bullet points simple. If you have to do a task (Like call the director) try to break it down. Having too much can make it all overwhelming.

I’ll use evening gown as an example. Think of all the things you’ll need when competing.

Evening Gown:

  • Heels
  • Gown
  • Jewelry/ accessories
  • Make-up/ hair product for any specific style.
  • Any specific undergarments. (Yes. This is important. If you have a thin dress, you DON’T want any lines showing or not have the correct bra.)


When you have made a list for each individual competition, be sure to prepare a list for extra items including, bobby pins, small sewing kit, razor, sharpie marker (for labeling!), butt glue and so forth. Each pageant system is different, so they may call for different items. Walk yourself through the pageant, from the day you get there, to the night you drive home. Even if you think it may not be an important thing to have, write it down anyway. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. (And you always have the option to rework your checklist before you leave for the pageant.) A checklist is supposed to keep the future competing pageant girl in check. That’s why you should write it at least a week before you compete, before you’re dealing with nervous/anxious emotions and so you aren’t scrambling last minute for stuff.

QUICK TIP: LABEL AND BAGGY EACH ITEM. Sticking with the earrings example, put them in a ziplock bag with all of your other evening gown accessories and write EVENING GOWN and your name on the baggy. You’ll appreciate it later, trust me.

Organization is key, my dear PP family!

Have any checklist must-haves? Share them with the PP family!

Which dress do you like better?

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