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How To Get Fit By Kickboxing Before Your Next Pageant

Paris Regan was a 2017 Miss Nevada USA contestant. Photo: Paris Regan

High-intensity training is a great way to blast fat to get you in swimsuit shape for your crown winning body. Kickboxing is a perfect way to sculpt your body and torch calories. Actually, lots of models and pageant competitors use kickboxing to stay in swimsuit shape year round!

Cardio kickboxing works to strengthen and condition your body. According to LiveStrong.com, kickboxing burns around 350-450 calories per hour depending on your weight. So not only is it a fun workout, but you burn way more calories than you would by walking on a treadmill.

Try out this kickboxing routine at home and see how you like it. If you love it, then you should look into kickboxing classes at your local gym!

How To Get Fit By Kickboxing Before Your Next Pageant


If you combine kickboxing with a healthy diet and resistance training, you’ll be well on the road to winning your next pageant. Talk to one of our Personal Trainers about starting a pageant perfect training today!

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