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How to Get the Look of Miss Puerto Rico World 2015

Keysi Vargas, Miss World Puerto Rico 2015,get the look of miss puerto rico
Keysi Marie Vargas Vélez, Miss World Puerto Rico 2015

Keysi Marie Vargas Vélez, Miss Puerto Rico World 2015, has beautiful, thick hair that looks gorgeous in her medium brown curls. Pageants curls are one hairstyle that never loses its charm.

This is how it’s done ladies. This classic pageant hairstyle has won, and will continue to win over judges for years to come. This hairstyle has it all; volume, shine, movement and a frizz free finish.

Achieving a look like this is a great style if you do it right. Miss Puerto Rico World has this hairstyle looking great, so we’ve written out some steps to help you re-create her look.

 Get the Look of Miss Puerto Rico World 2015

Start with clean, 100% dry hair. Use maximum tension with your hair when blow drying to make your hair extra smooth. This will be beneficial later on.

Section your hair into 4 sections. Beginning in the back of your head and using a one-inch barrel iron, start curling small sections from left to right across your head. Be sure to alternate the direction of your curl pattern so that it looks more natural.

When you get to your occipital bone (the bone that protrudes in the back of your head) continue curling, however, only curl halfway up your hair. When you’ve reached the crown area, take a break from curling and grab your teasing comb. Tease your crown section in small one-inch horizontal sections. When you reach the top of your head, stop and leave some hair un-teased.

Now you will start to curl the sides. Follow the same steps from above, and continue to curl while alternating directions. When you get up to the level of your temple region, begin teasing in the same one-inch sections, leaving the top section un-teased to keep the look soft. Repeat on both sides of your head.

Once you are finished curling, use a flat iron to smooth the top un-teased sections in the front and back. Use a slight bend in your wrist to create a small curve in the sections to create volume and to blend it in with the curled sections. You want there to be a seamless transition from the smoothed over top to the bottom curls. Style you bang or “fringe” area swooped away from your face.

At this point, the curls on the bottom have probably fallen a little, but still look too uniformed to be considered finished or natural looking. Take a firm hold finishing spray and spray the teeth of a wide toothed hair brush. Take the brush and lightly comb out the curls working from the middle of your hair down to the bottom. (Want to style your hair with looser curls? Check out How to Get Pageant Hair Like a Victoria Secret Angel)

Once you’ve finished brushing, spray the palms of your hands with the same hairspray and comb through the loosened curls with your fingers. Now, spray your entire head with an even mist of hair spray to lock it all into place.

To add the finishing touch and maximum shine, use a shine spray to tame any fly-away hairs. My pageant tool kit is not complete without Biosilk Shine On spray. It’s a fine mist of Biosilk’s most popular product, Silk Therapy. Spray a small amount over your style and gently smooth down your fine baby hairs. Be careful not to use too much, since it can easily weigh your hair down and make all of your hard work turn flat. (Want to try a different look? Check out How to Get the Look of Miss America 2016)

Now, stand back and admire your salon quality “do”! You’ll be sure to turn heads with your curls looking this great, and no one will believe that you did it yourself.

Which dress do you like better?

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