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How to Get the Look of Miss Venezuela 2016, Keysi Sayago

Keysi Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2016 - Photo courtesy of Team MV Keysi Sayago Instagram.
Keysi Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2016.  Photo courtesy of Team MV Keysi Sayago Instagram.

The new Miss Venezuela 2016, Keysi Sayago, was crowned last week. The Miss Venezuela Organization and all of the contestants have worked to pull off an amazing show.

Keysi has been rocking her media week as the new queen and rocks super strong makeup looks. Here are some tips on how to get one of her looks! (Read: Top 5 Looks from Miss USA 2016 at New York Fashion Week)

How to Get the Look of Miss Venezuela 2016, Keysi Sayago


The word foundation speaks for itself. Your foundation is the base to your makeup look. Start with a good primer, something matte. Use a matte foundation (like Maybelline Matte and Poreless or L’Oreal Infallible Foundation) to keep the skin looking matte and smooth.

Defining your cheekbones with a cream contour and setting it with a powder will slim your face and define your features. To achieve Keysi’s look, you don’t need to use too much (or barely any) highlighter on your cheekbones. This will ensure to help you achieve her matte finish overall look. (Read: How to Get A Perfect Pageant Contour)

This look requires no blush. Highlight under the eyes with a lighter powder to awaken your face. Use a powder that is lighter than your skin color to make sure you give your face dimension and a highlighted look. Make sure to use a mattifying powder to set your whole face.


Eyes are what brings Keysi’s look together. She achieves the sultry and sexy look every pageant girl wants to achieve. Her eyeliner makes her eye look. She, again, uses matte products on her eyes. Use a matte black gel liner and line your eyelids (a little thicker than usual) and your lower lash line.

For eyeshadow, have your favorite smoky eye palette and shadows ready, but make your outer-v sharp and dark. Use tape as an outline on the outside of your lids to make the eyeshadow sharp, without needing a winged eyeliner. Or, clean up the edges with a powder or even a makeup remover wipe.

Use stage lashes (they don’t have to be expensive) to elongate your lashes and open your eyes up. Don’t forget bottom lash mascara!


One word has taken over the beauty community…brows! Eyebrows are your statement. They not only frame your face, but they can be formed and shaped in so many ways.

Keysi has strong, curved brows. Her eyebrows come to a strong tip at the end and are bold all the way through. When I look at any of her makeup looks, I think, brows!

When you are done shaping your strong brows, always set them! If you have oily skin, set them with a powder right over the top of the initial brow product (if you didn’t already use a powder to shape your brows) so they don’t move around. Always make sure to set your brows when you’re finished with a clear brow gel. This technique will keep the product in place, and the hairs in place. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a brow gel, drugstore ones do the trick! Maybelline Great Lash Clear Gel or Elf Clear Gel both work wonders.


A deep red vampy lip will do the trick. Guess what type of red lip? A matte one, of course! Using a liquid lipstick to achieve this red lip will make it much easier. Make sure you test out liquid lipsticks before wearing one for a long time, as you never know which formula will work best for you and some can be drying. (Read: How To Keep Lipstick From Wearing Off During Your Pageant)


I’m sure all of you pageant girls out there have tried your fair share of hairspray – I certainly have. If you want Keysi’s slicked back bun look without looking like you have straw for hair, CHI Hair Products are essential. They leave your hair looking voluminous while making it stay in place without looking like you put super glue in your hair.

One of my favorites for CHI hairspray is the Infra Texture Hairspray, and another favorite is the Enviro 54. They work amazingly and keep your hair looking full and beautiful.

High buns are a classic evening gown look, so if you are stuck trying to find the perfect look for your gown, try a high bun!

Slick your hair back into a high ponytail, with no bumps, smoothing it out with hairspray. Use any method to achieve the bun part of the look, but make sure you slick all of the baby hairs down on the bun, too! (Read: How to Create Olivia Culpo’s Miss Universe Bun)

Hopefully, these tips will help you pageant queens or any beauty lovers out there achieve the classic Miss Venezuela 2016 look!

Good luck, and remember…keep it matte!

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