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How To Pick The Best Preteen Interview Attire

Taylor Hughes, USA National PreTeen 2016, poses before interview at her state pageant. Photo Credit: Amanda Ferguson Photography

Interview is arguably the most important area of competition in a pageant. It has been said that pageants are won in the interview room, and for preteens, the challenge can be even more difficult.

The preteen division is one of the most challenging age divisions to judge, compete in, and prepare for just because of the difference in contestants. Some have hit their growth spurts and are very tall, while some still look very young.

Varying body types can make it difficult to choose the proper fit and an interview attire that is flattering. The right interview attire can make or break your overall interview score. (Read: 4 Interview Outfit Ideas from Miss South Carolina’s Outstanding Teen 2016)

How To Pick The Best Preteen Interview Attire

1. Make sure it is age appropriate

Greta Stamper, Siara Caspari, Kailin Moultrie, Grace Shugart and Angelina Macon pose for a quick photo before interviews at National Miss Georgia Sparkle. Photo Credit: Cyndee Marx Photography

The age range for the preteen division can vary from pageant to pageant, but usually, it falls between ages 10 and 12. These are very different for stages in a young lady’s life. Choose a dress that is appropriate for your current age. You don’t want to look too young or too old.

Shoes and accessories can also make or break the outfit. Heels aren’t always required in this age division, especially if the contestant is younger and does not yet feel comfortable in heels.

Many pageants also require their contestants to stand for this age division in interview. Therefore, shoes should be comfortable so that the contestant does not fidget.

2. Choose the perfect fit

Rylee Wright poses for a photo before interview. Photo Credit: Rylee Wright

The dress should fit perfectly to your body shape. Some dresses may need to be professionally altered. Having an ill-fitting dress can cause point deductions in your interview.

Fun fit-and-flare dresses are very popular for the preteen division. Especially, the ones that feature an interesting neckline with collars. MacDuggal is popular for these style dresses, or you can have one custom made.

3. Decide on a suit or a dress

Cassidy Quinn, Miss Hawaii IJM 2015. Photo Credit: Kate Quinn

It is common in pageants for younger contestants to wear the classic pageant suit. However, more and more pageants are moving away from the classic suit and into trendier looks. Make sure to check with the director if a suit is required or appropriate. (Read: Should I Wear a Dress or Suit For Pageant Interview?)

If you choose a suit, make sure the cut of the suit is youthful and that it does not age the contestant. Bows are very popular for a cute added touch. Also, be mindful of wearing nylons with your suit. Sometimes, this can come off as dated and not trendy. Always research your system and previous titleholders to make sure your selected attire is on trend with the system.

4. Love your look

Isabella Gonzalez, USA National Miss Southeast Preteen 2016. Photo Credit: Amanda Ferguson Photography

One of the most important things to remember is to choose an outfit that you absolutely love. Feeling comfortable in your attire will ensure you are comfortable when you compete. Be yourself and choose an outfit that reflects your unique personality. (Read: Top 10 Preteen Hairstyles of 2016)

If you follow these simple pointers, you’ll have a dress that looks great and feels great! What is your favorite preteen interview attire? Let us know in the comments below!

Which dress do you like better?

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