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How to Pick the Perfect Song to Sing for Pageant Talent

Through my years of competing in pageants, auditioning for musicals and just having to perform at events, I always find it difficult to pick what song to sing. But through the years I have found what makes the greatest vocals stand apart from the rest.

You can feel the performance if the song is right

1. Stay In Your Range

It’s important to stay in a comfortable range to sing it. You don’t want to go for a piece that will have you reaching notes too high, or too low. You will look uncomfortable and the judges will be able to tell. Stay in a range that showcases your voice’s strong abilities.

2. Think Outside the Box

Do you constantly sing country songs? Maybe try some show tunes. You never know what all your voice can really do until you try it all. Think outside the box and practice songs that may keep you on your toes but also showcase how great your voice is.

miss america
Give it all you have on the stage

3. Timing Is Key

You want to pick a song you know will be able to be cut down. In most pageant systems where talent is required, you have a time limit. So pick a song you know will be able to be cut well, and still give you enough time to perform the best talent you can.

4. Emotion

If you can put emotion into the song then you’ve already made your choice. Whether it be a song you can relate to on a personal basis or just because it is already an emotional song, be sure to show those emotions through the whole song. You can be an exceptional vocalist, but if you don’t put the heart behind it, judges sometimes get bored and turn their score sheets in before you’re even finished.

miss america, miss georgia
Miss America talent portion

5. Stick to Your Favorites

If you have a go-to song you know you can rock out, never look past it. My go-to has always been “On My Own” from Les Mis. Now granted, this song had been sung by everyone and their mother, but I know I can put my own flare on it and rock this song. And sometimes that’s all you need.

It’s stressful picking a talent song, but don’t let it make or break you. When in doubt, pick a song that is close to your heart. But no matter what song you choose, always remember to make the song your own. Put your heart and soul into it and make the judges fall in love. With all of that you will conquer talent and be one step closer to the title.

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