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How To Secure A Pageant Sponsorship

Gaining a Sponsor Takes Finesse
Gaining a Sponsor Takes Finesse

One thing is absolutely certain about pageants; they are never a cheap experience.  Between the cost of entry fees, wardrobe, and anything else you may need a pageant can run upwards of a thousand dollars. Now unless you have a thousand dollars to drop every time you’d like to compete in a pageant you have a bit of a problem. Do you decide to stop competing because of the cost or perhaps cut corners and hope it won’t show at the finale? The answer is no! How do I suggest overcoming the financial hurdle? Pageant sponsors!

My number one tip for getting sponsors is to ask as early as possible. Give the potential sponsor time to research you and the system so that they can make an informed decision about what they are agreeing too. Below is a guide to getting sponsors for any pageant system!

Create a List of Pageant Sponsors

The first step to gaining sponsors is deciding exactly who you are going to seek help from. Create a list of local businesses both big and small that you feel would benefit from aligning themselves with you. Great choices include local photographers, dress boutiques, shoe shops, hair salons, and makeup shops. You will have an easier time with places that are more pageant friendly but feel free to ask anywhere you’d like. Keep in mind corporations need a great deal of time to make decisions so it may be smarter to look at locally owned businesses.

Call Potential Pageant Sponsors

Set up appointments with all of the places on your list. It is never a great idea to show up somewhere unannounced because more often than not the owner, or whomever you need to speak too, will be busy with one thing or another. By calling and setting up an appointment you are guaranteed their undivided attention and seem much more professional. If they or you are too busy to meet and talk drop off an information packet in person. There will be more on that below!

Get Prepared and Have Everything Ready for the Potential Sponsor

The key to succeeding in anything is preparation! A great idea would be to come up with a sort of script that will highlight everything you would like to say. It may also help to have an information packet. An information packet can contain a variety of things but should always have information about you, in letter format, information about the pageant system, a list of what they will receive for sponsoring you, and a list of what you may be using their sponsorship for. Have a bag with the packet packed as well as some pens and any information you will need for the meeting.

Make The Pageant Sponsor Need You

No one is willing to invest money in something that does not seem worthwhile; therefore, make yourself an investment no one in their right mind would pass up! At the meeting do not be afraid to state some of your accomplishments as well as your goals at the pageant. If you are looking to improve your stage presence let the potential sponsor know. Never be self-deprecating when speaking to these people, they want to back someone they feel has the ability to win. Even if you do not, they are more often than not glad to see how you’ve done! During the meeting remember your pleases and thank-yous, put your best foot forward and you will never go wrong.  Remember the three P’s: professional, polite, and punctual.

Always Say Thank You!

No matter what the outcome of the meeting always end on a good note. A great step to take is sending a hand written thank you note for the person’s time and consideration and if they agree to sponsor you, thanks for their contribution! Rejections are hard but they are a lesson in themselves so be grateful for those as well.

Gaining the money to participate in a pageant is easy when you are prepared for what is to come. Do you have any suggests for how you secure sponsors? Or do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “How To Secure A Pageant Sponsorship

  1. The girl on the far right has the best posture. She looks awesome!

  2. I think that’s Nicole Blaszczyk, Miss Michigan!

  3. We love sponsoring!

    1. Hey Royal Bliss ! My name is Andrea and me and my sister are running for Miss Teen USA this year ! I saw your comment and couldn’t help but ask you if you would be interested in sponsoring us? 🙂 please respond to this message for more information! Thank you !!

    2. Hello, my Name is Nicole Taylor, I recently won the title of 2016 TOP MODEL at the MISS INTERNATIONAL CITY pageant. It was truly the most amazing experience I have ever had so I decided to apply for the Miss Canada Globe Pageant. Unfortunately I have come up with half of the money and now am starting to find myself struggling, I am now relying on banquet halls and door to door to help me out with empties so I can not only donate the tabs off the cans to sickkids tabs for wheelchairs, but also so I can have any chance of getting close to the $3000 they require as an entrance fee. Seeing your comment in the TPP article I thought it was more then worth a try to see if you would be interested in helping sponsor me. A bonus to helping out all sponsors will receive recognition or even an ad put in the Miss Canada Globe Program book. I am also willing to thank-you by helping out anyways I can whether its modeling, helping out at appearances or even handing out business cards. This Pageant is truly everything I could have ever hoped for, I thank you so much for you time and hope to hear from you . – Nicole Taylor.

    3. Hi Royal Bliss, my name is Haleemah Ajagbe, I am running for Miss Teen Charleston and I need a sponsor. I just saw your comment and wanted to ask if you would be interested in sponsoring me. Please respond to this message if you would be interested.

    4. Hello, Royal Bliss

      My name is Aaliyah I’ve just been recently accepted by Namfor the pre teen category, and I’m truly excited to be a part of this organization and to experience the pageant world. I’m looking for a sponsor to help me achieve my dreams. I saw your post stating you love sponsoring!! If you could pleases respond it will be greatly appreciated thank you.

      1. Hello, Royal Bliss
        My name is Aaliyah I’ve just been recently accepted by Nam for the pre teen category, and I’m truly excited to be a part of this organization and to experience the pageant world. I’m looking for a sponsor to help me with the funds to achieve my dreams. I saw your post stating you love sponsoring!! If you help with the sponsorship you’ll be listed in the pageant magazine. If you could pleases respond it will be greatly appreciated thank you

    5. Hello my name is Renad Sigalov, my daughter Katherine Sigalova has recently been accepted as a finalist in 2017 Miss Teen Pageant. I would like to find a sponsor for my daughter . Can you help Please. My number is 1 917 288 6824 . My Email is rsigalov@yahoo.com . Thank you very much .

      1. Hi Renad,

        I’ve send you an email regarding a sponsorship opportunity. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Rochelle! I appreciate the compliment:) I attrtibute it to years of ballet training. And thanks Erica for recognizing me!! Big shout out to sponsors, we couldn’t do it without you!

  5. What does a sponsor receive for sponsoring you, besides the whole tax thing?

    1. Brand awareness, a spokeswoman, advertising, potential clients, increase in revenue 😉

  6. My daughter is in the national American miss pagent in louisiana the jr preteen. We are looking for sponsors.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      I suggest reading this article, “10 Ways to Effectively Gain a Sponsorship

  7. Hello, I have participated in Mrs. india usa paegant Andy. Looking to get an evening gown sponshorships. Would you provide me ?

  8. My daughter just got picked to be in Miss Teen Pageant for PA. And I need help finding sponsorships

    1. Hi JoAnna,

      I’ll be sending you an email regarding a sponsorship opportunity.

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