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How to Succeed in Pageant Interview

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2014-2015 National American Miss Queens in Interview Attire – Photo: NAM

When you succeed in pageant interview you will win the crown. Now, while this is not always the case I can tell you that 100% of the girls who did win also succeeded inside the pageant interview room.

Why? Pageantry is a glorified job interview for a spokesmodel position and like any job hiring process, interview is the most important part. Below you will discover the secrets to winning your pageant interview and thereby the secrets to winning the crown.

How to Succeed in Pageant Interview

Pageant Interview Coaches

Every successful person on the planet has hired a coach to help them excel. Athletes, businessmen and pageant girls who have excelled past the status quo have all worked with coaches. If you want to win Miss Universe, Miss America or any other national titleholder but you are not willing to work with a coach then I wish you the best of luck because you are going to need it. For the girl with the best coach will beat the girl who is self taught 99 times out of 100.

I don’t say this to scare you. I say this to help manage expectations. If you want to win big then I suggest working with a coach but not just any coach as they might not have the best success record. Click here to find a recommended pageant coach in your town who can help you win.

If you are competing in the Miss America organization who has openly discouraged coaching I encourage you not to let it discourage you from working with a coach. First off the reason they put this rule into practice is because of a few crazy pageant coaches who did some sketchy things.

Secondly, the girls who are winning are the girls who are working with coaches. They just don’t broadcast it. Nor do we. We have either coached or connect girls to coaches in every state and local Miss America pageant and those are the girls who are excelling. You won’t know who we help or who the coaches in our directory help because we don’t broadcast it.

Now, I highly recommend that you look into working with a pageant coach in your local area who can help you succeed in pageant interview but if there is not then we have created our VIP membership. This allows you unlimited skype coaching calls with us for $47 per month. Click here for details.

Pageant Questions

We highly suggest that you practice pageant questions when preparing for interview. Being able to think on your feet is a learned skill that requires practice. For this reason we publish daily pageant questions and have created a report of 233 Pageant Interview Questions that are common interview questions asked based on the age division of the contestant.

Now, while we suggest practicing pageant questions we do not suggest memorizing how you are going to answer those questions. In interview you need to come across as genuine and passionate. That is very challenging to do when you are recalling things from memory. Below you’ll discover some more articles that will help you master answering the questions you will be asked during pageant interview.


Mock Interviews

Roughly 2 – 3 months before your pageant you should begin practicing your pageant interview. These practice sessions are called, “Mock Interviews.” Gather a few friends and at least one pageant expert who can act as a lead judge. During your mock interview you will want to mimic the type of interview that you’re going to experience on the day of your pageant and you will want to wear what you are planning to wear for interview to your mock interview.

You will need to know the style of your interview whether it be “Round Robin” or “Panel Style”. Round Robin is known as one on one interviews where you sit across from one judge who asks you questions for a certain length of time. At the end of that time the you then go to the next table where the following judge interviews you.

Panel Style interviews are when 3 – 7 judges all sit in front of you behind a long table and they take turns asking you questions for a set amount of time.

Here are a few additional questions that you’ll need to know the answers to when setting up a mock interview:

  • Is your interview a Panel or Round Robin style?
  • How long is your pageant interview?
  • Will you be sitting or standing during the interview?
  • Are they allowed to ask political questions?
  • Will you be allowed to give an opening and/or closing statement?

Additionally, here are two articles that we have put together to help you set up a mock interview that you can make reference to:

  1. How ot Organize a Mock Interview
  2. How to Prepare Your Judges for Your Mock Interview

The Easiest Way to Set up a Mock Interview

If the task of setting up a mock interview seems daunting then breath easy. With the VIP membership you can take unlimited, recorded mock interviews for $47 per month. After each mock interview we send you the recording along with our feedback. Plus you get a lot of other perks. Click here for more information.

Pageant Paperwork

Though this is not an official statistic I can tell you with absolute confidence that more than 80% of your pageant interview questions will come from your paperwork. So having a well written paperwork will not only help you anticipate what pageant questions are going to be asked during your interview but it will also be the first step in positioning yourself as the best candidate for queen.

If you’re reading this and living Internationally, like in the U.K. for example, paperwork isn’t mainstream yet so this section might not apply. If your pageant doesn’t use paperwork or resumes then the most popular question that you will get asked first is, “Tell me about yourself.”

If you’re in the U.S. your pageant might use the words resume or bio instead of paperwork. But, regardless of what your system calls it the principles of success remain the same. Below you’ll discover just about everything you need to know regarding your pageant paperwork and if you want us to review your paperwork then become a VIP member and we will!


Pageant Interview Makeup

The important thing to remember about your makeup for interview is not to apply it with the same intensity as you do your stage makeup. Go lighter as few things turn the judges off faster than a beautiful girl with too much makeup. If you budget permits we encourage you to hire a pageant makeup consultant who can teach you how to apply your own makeup or even better come to your pageant and do your makeup for you. This will reduce your stress and allow you to have a super professional look when you walk into the interview room.

Click here to see a list of our recommended pageant makeup consultants.

Pageant Interview Wardrobe

When choosing what to wear for pageant interview forget the word pageant. Now, there are exceptions to this rule, which I will cover in a minute but for now just think in terms of “interview” as in, “job interview.” Here are some broad guidelines to follow when buying your wardrobe for pageant interview.

If the system that you are competing for is more like Miss America then wear something that you would wear to interview for a marketing position at a large corporate company like Target.

If your system is more like Miss Universe then wear something that you would wear to interview for a marketing position at a large fashion or entertainment company like Gucci.

Both are super professional but one is a little more fashion forward / cutting edge.

Now, if your system is more like that of National American Miss then you are in a league of your own. While suits are still really popular among the younger age divisions of NAM and systems like them they are breaking out into cute little dresses too. National American Miss, USA National Miss, International Junior Miss and others do a good job at providing images of what their contestants should wear follow their guidelines but also remember that you don’t have to wear a suit. Cute, age appropriate dresses will help you stand out from the other contestants, are less expensive and way easier to find.

I also encourage you to read the articles below.


Pageant Interview Success Tips

There are so many different factors to cover when discussing how to succeed in pageant interview that the task can be daunting to explain. This is one of the reasons why we suggest coaching. However, below you’ll discover tutorials that we have written to cover various strategies that will help you succeed in interview and win the crown. I trust that the information above and below will help you succeed in your next interview.


Got questions? Ask them in the comment section below and I’ll answer them one by one.

Which dress do you like better?

5 thoughts on “How to Succeed in Pageant Interview

  1. I want to take part in miss Botswana this year,i want you to help me on how to answer the questions,how to walk and pose

    1. Hi Refilwe,

      Check out these videos if you want to learn how to walk and pose. How to Perfect Your Pageant Walk

  2. How do I make myself stand out from the other contestants for the interview portion?

    1. Hi Bethany,

      One of the best ways to stand out in pageant interview is to completely be relaxed during the interview process. Most of the contestants who will be interviewing with the judges are going to be so nervous that their true personality will not show through. In order to get better at anything you will need to practice. So either organize mock interviews at your home or become a VIP member and you can take unlimited mock interviews with us via video conferencing.

  3. How to enter and greet the judges upon entering the room. I am 48 and am great with public speaking. However one on one is not so easy

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