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How to Use Music to Brand Your Pageant

America's Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016
America’s Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016. Photo Courtesy of/America’s Majestic Miss.

Writing for the Pageant Planet, I come across a lot of pageants and each one stands out for its own reasons.

However, one caught my ear when I went to its website and cutting through my Spotify playlist was a catchy little tune.

It turns out, like Miss America and Miss United States in Miss Congeniality, America’s Majestic Miss has its own theme song that was created to represent the values of the pageant.

Just like theme songs pump you up for a show or movie, put you in the right state of mind before stepping into competition and bring back memories that connect us by the generations, this song manages to package the spirit of the pageant and attributes of its queens into a tune that will have you whistling all the way to the national stage. (Read: 6 Songs to Motivate You Through Pageant Preparation)

How America’s Majestic Miss’ Theme Song Represents Itself

1. “We have fun.”

Go ahead and click through the AMM website and you’ll see photos of AMM queens celebrating holidays, riding in parades and hanging out together.

2. “Glamour.”

Who doesn’t love glamour? Getting all dressed up and sparkly is one of the best parts of competing in a pageant. AMM has new, full crowns this year, and the prize packages feature a modeling contract and AMM appearance wear that, of course, sparkles. Custom jewelry and holiday gifts are also on the list.

Not only does the crown leave you breathless, but the sash is edged in pink and rhinestones.

3. “We get the job done…We change the world… Prove that pageantry is about doing the right thing for your community.”

Even with the glamour, AMM has a focus on community service for its contestants and titleholders. Even on the website are photos featuring the girls conducting a variety of service projects including making blankets and feeding those in their communities.

AMM offers a free optional called the, “You Make a Difference Award.” They even use the hashtag #ammgirlsgonnachangetheworld.

America's Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016, Photo Courtesy of/America's Majestic Miss.
America’s Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016. Photo Courtesy of/America’s Majestic Miss.

4. “Change the lives of every girl we meet.”

Outside of those they meet through their service and representation of their communities, AMM offers a wide age range for titleholders to reap the benefits of spending time with, supporting and learning from those both younger and older than them as well as in their own age groups.

Divisions and ages are Baby Miss 2-3, Junior Princess 4-6, Princess 7-9, Preteen 10-12, Junior Teen 13-15, Teen 16-18, Miss 19-25 and Ms. divisions 21-40 (Single, divorced or married).

5. “So much more than just pretty.”

One of the biggest stereotypes in pageantry is that pageant contestants are just pretty. But AMM titleholders seek to dispel this myth. In addition to its focus on service, there is a free optional known as the Academic Achievement award. Other optionals include commercial, speech and talent.

America’s Majestic Miss

Want to be part of a modern pageant with traditional values and a memorable theme song? At-large titles are still available. Contact America’s Majestic Miss for more information on getting involved. (Read: Perfect Your Walk With Pageant Planet’s Spotify Playlist)

Required areas of competition include interview, evening gown and majestic wear. There are 20 optionals, free optionals and best awards offered at the pageant.

Nationals will be held November 17-19, 2017 at the Marietta Hilton Hotel and Conference Center in Marietta, Georgia.

You can visit the website www.americasmajesticmiss.com for more information.

America's Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016. Photo Courtesy of/America's Majestic Miss.
America’s Majestic Miss Titleholders 2016. Photo Courtesy of/America’s Majestic Miss.

Going Forward

Athletes listen to specific songs before taking the field or court. Baseball players have a song that plays before they step into the batter’s box.

Television shows open with their own theme songs and every Disney movie has a standout song that we associate with it and only it.

Having a theme song not only makes you memorable but it helps you pump yourself up and get your head in the game. It should represent you and what you stand for and help you put your best self forward. (Read: Workout Playlist for Pageant Girls-Daily Fit Tip)

Even as a pageant or pageant girl, you should have one. Something to keep you smiling while you walk the stage and a song to play as the new titleholder is crowned.

To listen to America’s Majestic Miss’s theme song and to find out more about the pageant or get involved, visit the website.

Let us know what your theme song is in the comments below!

Good luck!

Which dress do you like better?

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