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How to Win Best Resume in National American Miss

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Having judged optional competitions before, it’s clear that National American Miss is looking for driven, accomplished, and interesting young women. Your resume can say a lot about you before you enter the interview room. In a way, it’s a great first impression (a lot like your headshot in the program book). You want to follow a few tips to try to win best resume and make a wonderful impression on those judges.

Be Fascinating

Have you been training for a 5K? Started your own nonprofit? Accomplished something incredible at school? Make sure you list those accomplishments and list them first. Practice going through your document and playing with the words. Run it by your parents or perhaps even a favorite teacher. Changing your wording or organization can make a big difference. List your biggest accomplishments first since judges have limited time to review everything. Make sure your resume looks organized and interesting to another person before you officially hand it in. Most of all, make sure everything is phrased in a way that makes judges want to ask questions.

Don’t Overload Your Resume

It’s wonderful if you have done a lot of community service or garnered so many awards that you can hardly fit anything on your resume, but you don’t want to submit something that’s too wordy or busy. Pick and choose your highlights. You want a succinct and interesting resume that focuses on what you are most proud of. You want a few things to jump off the page to grab your judge’s attention. Don’t tell them everything, either. For example, instead of saying “Created and wrote a children’s book about fire safety” you might want to list “Published original children’s book,” because then the judges will ask you what your book is about and you’ll be able to talk about it directly.

Tell the Truth

Although you want to highlight your biggest accomplishments, don’t lie. Not only do you run the risk of being caught by judges, you can generate a bad reputation with staff members and other contestants when you aren’t honest on your pageant resume. If you really have some wonderful things listed on your resume, simply be prepared to talk to them. One of the most refreshing things as a judge is reading an incredible resume and then realizing that the girl lives up to the hype when she talks about it. You should be proud of your accomplishments—but they should also always be your accomplishments.

If you aren’t sure that your resume is as great as it can be, remember that we also offer resume review for VIP girls. You can submit paperwork under Paperwork Review in the VIP Only section. Good luck on your resume!

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  1. Also, typing it up works really nicely, I’ve noticed the judges love it (two years in a row best resume) and while you don’t want to OVERLOAD on volunteer and awards, don’t just leave it at a few, name the best awards you’ve won and then put those in.

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