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How to Win Over the Judges in a Pageant

I’m very excited about today’s show. We have on the phone the first ever Ms World 2015, Laura Hunter.

What do you believe set you apart from the other contestants in the eyes of the judges?

How did you personally connect with the judges?

How did you prepare yourself to do so?

How did you strengthen your communication skills to succeed in the panel style interview?

Does it help to have a personal platform you are passionate about? How have you been able to promote the American Lung Association as Ms. World?

How did you mentally prepare yourself for the fitness competition? Did you work with a personal trainer? If so, who?

What inspired you to chose your evening gown?

What type of style does the Ms. World organization seem to like?

Who designed your gown?

How did you choose your Fashion Wear wardrobe?

What spot in the line up did you choose to place yourself and what influenced you to select that specific position?

What is one item under $20 that you feel is a must have at any pageant?

What is your best piece of advice you want to give to all the ladies out there hoping to wear the crown?

Who should check out your system? (ms. contestants, ages, marital status, etc.)

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Which dress do you like better?

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