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How To Win the National American Miss Talent Competition

nam optional winners,national american miss talent competition
The 2015 National Jr.Pre-Teen Optional Contest Winners

National American Miss is a renowned pageant system that prides itself on highlighting the talent and inner beauty of each contestant while instilling a sense of confidence throughout each portion of the competition.

The National American Miss talent competition is an optional competition designed to give contestants the opportunity to showcase their individual strengths and passion. Although the talent competition is optional and does not have any bearing on your overall score, it is an amazing way to have fun while showing the pageant community what truly makes you unique.

Take a quick look at the National American Miss website and you will see videos of girls dancing, singing, playing an instrument, performing a monologue, and even tumbling! National American Miss talent competition winners in this division win $250.00 at the state level and $800.00 at the national level. The top five contestants also receive a commemorative trophy! (Read: Your Ultimate Guide to NAM Optional Contests).

National American Miss Talent Competition

1. Time Limit 

The National American Miss talent competition allows two talent entries per contestant each with a time limit of two minutes. National American Miss is extremely strict with the time limit and stresses that performances do not exceed the allotted time. Furthermore, a contestant’s music will be turned off once the time limit is reached. Therefore, multiple timed practices are a necessary part of preparation for this phase of the competition. (Read: How to Create a Pageant Talent Routine Inside the Time Limit)

2. Be Passionate 

The talent competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase a passion that is not revealed in any other part of the competition. While the required parts of the competition are pre-chosen, the talent competition gives girls the chance to use their creativity and imagination.

In all honesty, this is a perfect opportunity to show the judges another side of your personality whether it be funny, serious, or quirky. Girls who succeed in this portion of the competition have carefully chosen a talent that allows for their passion to shine through!

3. Exude Confidence

Honestly, this is the most important piece of preparation for any phase of a pageant competition. Pageants can be intimidating and the thought of performing a talent in front of a panel of judges can leave some girls completely drained of confidence.

However, executing a perfect routine and in turn gaining a high score will only be possible with hard work, dedication, and a strong belief in your capabilities. The judges will be enamored by a contestant who is secure within herself and her performance. Sadly, accidents do occur no matter how many times we perfect our talent routine. Believing in yourself will also help you gracefully overcome a potential hiccup in your performance. (Read: What To Do When You Forget Your Pageant Talent)

4. Use Props

National American Miss allows their contestants to incorporate props into their talent routine. However, leaving props on the stage will not be permitted and props must be removed by the contestant directly after the performance.

Keep in mind that props are not required by any means. The use of props by the contestants is a personal decision. Contestants will not receive a lower score simply because they decided to refrain from using props.

National American Miss is an incredible system that showcases the inner beauty of each and every contestant. Every pageant girl – from a pageant newbie to a seasoned veteran with titles galore – can succeed in this system!

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