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International Junior Miss Colorado Teen 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Aubrianna Miller, 2016 International Junior Miss Colorado Teen - Photo: Graphique Fine Art Photography
Aubrianna Miller, International Junior Miss Colorado Teen 2016. Photo: Graphique Fine Art Photography

International Junior Miss Colorado Teen 2016 Evening Gown

Aubrianna Miller captured the title of International Junior Miss Colorado Teen 2016 when she competed in this royal blue evening gown!

The Color

I am absolutely in love with this royal blue color; this is by far one of my favorite pageant gown colors. This color is ALWAYS a great choice!

Paired with Aubrianna’s fair skin tone and gorgeous red hair, this color gives her just the right amount of highlight without overshadowing what matters the most: her stunning smile!

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The Silhouette

Aubrianna’s evening gown presents a column silhouette, halter neckline, open back, and intricate crystal detailings throughout the collar and back of the gown.

I absolutely love the top of the gown. The high neck detailing is stunning and highlights her sensational smile perfectly.

I also like the addition of the beautiful crystal detailing trailing down the back of the gown. This unique detail is absolutely eye-catching.

My only issue with this gown is that I do not love the skirt. I am unsure if it is the fit of the skirt, the way it is cut or the placement, but I do not feel like this silhouette is the most flattering style for Aubrianna. I believe an A-line or ballgown skirt would do wonders for her waist by cinching it in while even elongating her overall frame.

The Styling

Aubrianna styled her red locks in large soft curls, framing her face perfectly. Nearly everything about this look highlights her smile excellently. The attention was definitely more on her than the gown itself.

She completed her look with crystal earrings and two crystal bracelets. I don’t particularly like that she chose to wear a bracelet on each arm. It overwhelms the look. I would have liked the look much better had she worn just one bracelet.

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The Verdict

Unfortunately, because of the silhouette issues, this look is a MISS for me. With that being said, the color of the gown is amazing and there are MANY great design aspects that when utilized alone, would create a gown that would be a sure HIT!

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One thought on “International Junior Miss Colorado Teen 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

  1. Hi, although the gown itself is lovely I think a fuller skirt would have been more flattering. I love the halter neckline which flatters her gorgeous arms and shoulders.

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