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Lebanese Titleholder Stripped of Crown After Israel Visit

Although it is not a frequent occurrence in pageantry, occasionally a titleholder will lose her title for a variety of reasons. One Lebanese titleholder just lost her title due to an international visit. (Read: Former Miss World Posts Holocaust Memorial Selfie)

About the visit

Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2017 Amanda Hanna was crowned just over one week ago. Hanna violated the Lebanese law with her visit to Israel using her Swedish passport. This visit allegedly occurred before she won her new title, not during her reign. After learning of this visit, the pageant officials alerted Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism who made the final call on her title.

A statement was released by the organizers of The Festival of Lebanese Emigrants in Dhour Al Choir on the decision to take Hanna’s title. The statement said, “After communicating our decision with Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism, he decided that Hanna should be stripped of her title because her visit to Israel violates our country’s laws.” (Read: Miss Iraq Stripped of Her Title)

Photo: StepFeed
Photo: StepFeed

Although Lebanon considers Israel an enemy state because some lands in Southern Lebanon are still occupied by Israel, Hanna posted nothing but positivity to her Facebook after her Israel visit. She said the trip had been “one of the best weeks of [her] life.”

The country prohibits the support of Israeli products, bans films featuring Israeli actors, and boycotts Israeli products. If any Lebanese citizens should break that law, the country can choose to prosecute and jail those found guilty of having contact with or supporting Israel in any way.

About the pageantry and politics between Israel and Lebanon

This is not the first time there has been controversy over the interactions between a Miss Lebanon and Israel. In 2015, Miss Lebanon was almost stripped of her title after a selfie from Miss Universe was posted with Miss Israel and two other contestants. The Lebanese queen claimed that Miss Israel photobombed her selfie with the other two contestants. Luckily, Miss Lebanon 2015 was able to keep her title.

What do you think of the decision to strip Hanna of her title? Do politics belong in pageantry? Let us know your thoughts! (Read: Pageant Question About Politics)

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3 thoughts on “Lebanese Titleholder Stripped of Crown After Israel Visit

  1. This is very stupid, I think if they go to Miss Universe the girls have to meet and share each other , this a an event that is a unity of the world . If she visited the country if Israel before the pageant and the pagean has not to be link to those politics because Miss Universe is not attach to it . So if Lebanon is not excepting that Miss Israel be friend with Miss Lebanon the MU should not admit Miss Lebanon into a he pageants

  2. I’m sorry, but politics needs to be kept out of pageantry: the in joke about “world peace” is & should actually be a very important goal for international pageants, where contestants have to be able to socialise & interact with professionalism with anyone & everyone connected to the events. If the event is held on neutral territory, then it shouldn’t matter that “enemies” are seen together as they could be working towards solutions to promote peace in the future. Shame on the Government for interfering!

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