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Miss America 2013 Crowning Gown: HIT or MISS?

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Former Miss America, Mallory Hagan

Mallory Hagan is known for her sassy New York personality and a little edge!  This gown really shows off Mallory’s personality. It’s a somewhat fitted skirt with a separate top that shows a little midriff right at the waistline.  It has a low neckline, but a heavy collar over it, leaving it to look like a turtleneck.  It’s got some dimension on the collar, and is all black.

I can’t give this one a clear HIT or MISS…and let me tell you why: It didn’t fit Mallory quite right.  It really should not have squeezed her waistline so tight, giving her the illusion of pudginess.  I’ve kept up with Mallory’s feelings and thoughts on her weight, and am happy that she felt comfortable enough to wear this, but still would’ve liked a bigger size.  It really is a cool piece.  I would give the dress a HIT.  And to show off her body a little better, I simply wish she picked a size or two up. Agree? Disagree? Tell me!

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Which dress do you like better?

2 thoughts on “Miss America 2013 Crowning Gown: HIT or MISS?

  1. I agree! It’s a great dress, but the roll around the middle should have been taken care of via a bigger size. Regardless, she looks great

    1. Agreed. I’m not a fan of the dress as it draws attention to the wrong areas of her body.

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