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Miss America 2019 to Stay in Atlantic City

In the months following the Miss America email debacle, the future home of the Miss America Organization has been up in the air. Today, the Miss America Organization in a joint conference with Atlantic City officials announced that the pageant would be staying in the city for this year. (Read: Will the Miss America Pageant be Homeless?)

Final date announcement hasn’t been made

Atlantic City, the long-time home of the Miss America Organization, has been in debate since the end of 2017 about whether the Miss America pageant would continue to be funded this year. With local politicians calling for the city to take away its monetary support of the organization, many Miss America supporters were worried that the 2019 pageant would be homeless.

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority approved $4.325 million in supplemental funding for the 2019 Miss America Competition, in accordance with its 2016 contract between the Authority, the Miss America Organization and Dick Clark Productions. Despite the announcement that the Miss America Organization will be allowed to remain in Atlantic City for its 2019 pageant, there was no word about when that pageant is set to take place.

Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. Photo: Instagram via @missamerica
Miss America 2018 Cara Mund. Photo: Instagram via @missamerica

A major reason behind the Authority’s agreement to honor its contract, even after the late 2017 email scandal, seems to be the efforts to reinvent the Miss America Organization. (Read: Miss America 2018 Says Pageant is Stronger Than Ever Before)

“The CRDA is encouraged by the Miss America Organization’s description that the 2019 competition will be updated to include a focus on women’s empowerment and other related programs,” said Robert E. Mulcahy III, CRDA board chairman. “In 2016, the CRDA signed a joint agreement with the Miss America Organization and Dick Clark Productions. Today, by this resolution we will reserve the funds for the 2019 competition pursuant to this agreement.”

What efforts to reinvent?

Now Board Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson has spoken on many occasions about redefining the focus of the Miss America Organization to be more centered on women’s empowerment. In these talks, Carlson has alluded to the possibility of eliminating the swimsuit competition. While Carlson has not confirmed that decision has been made, she has routinely responded to questions of swimsuit competition elimination by referring back to the idea of women’s empowerment. (Read: Will Miss America Ditch the Swimsuit Competition?)

Now that Miss America 2019 has a definitive home, when will we receive a date and updates on the ongoing changes within the organization?

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