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Miss America Predictions 2014

So I am sure you’re rooting for your home state to win Miss America, but have you checked out the other girls?  There are fifty-three beautiful girls competing for the title of Miss America who are all so deserving and talented!  It’s always hard to narrow it down to a top ten, but here are my predictions of who you will see perform on national television Sunday night September 15th at 9pm.

It’s only a week away, so start getting your predictions ready (it’s always fun to see who gets the most right).

Miss Ohio, Heather Wells, miss america, 2014
Miss Ohio

10. Miss Ohio Heather Wells

With the perfect pageant swimsuit body and a fresh look, there is no way Miss Ohio won’t be in the top ten.  With her beautiful lyrical talent and six pack abs, Miss Ohio could be your prelim swimsuit winner as well!  She was a double prelim winner at state.

Miss Alabama,Chandler Champion,miss america,2014
Miss Alabama

9. Miss Alabama Chandler Champion

She has already gotten publicity for her Crimson Tide dress she will be wearing in the Miss America Show Us Your Shoes Parade, but just look at her. She is cute as a button.  She has done a lot of work with her platform encouraging others to read books.  She is a dance major and will also have a strong talent at Miss America.

Miss Florida,Myrrhanda Jones,miss america,2014
Miss Florida

8. Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones

With her baton twirling talent, she is a stand out in her flight.  Florida girls always have great swimsuit bodies and as long as she wears a gown that has a classic Miss America look, she will win over the judges to move on to top ten.

Miss Georgia,Carly Mathis,miss america,2014
Miss Georgia

7. Miss Georgia Carly Mathis

A prelim swimsuit winner at Miss Georgia, Carly is a true blonde bombshell!  With her classic American look and great interview skills, she is a definite contender for the top ten.

Miss Louisiana,Laden Leach,miss america,2014
Miss Louisiana

6.  Miss Louisiana Laden Leach

Every time I have seen her in a photo, she is looking flawless.  She had an amazing swimsuit body at Miss Louisiana and will do well at Miss America.  There is a former Miss Louisiana on the Miss America judging panel, so this could work out in her favor.

Miss South Carolina,Brooke Mosteller,miss america,2014
Miss South Carolina

5.  Miss South Carolina Brooke Mosteller

This is another state swimsuit prelim winner and South Carolina has a good track record at Miss America as well.  Ali Rogers took first runner up last year, so let’s see what happens for South Carolina this year.

Miss Tennessee,Shelby Thompson,miss america,2014
Miss Tennessee

4.  Miss Tennessee Shelby Thompson

A talent preliminary winner at state, Shelby has a great voice.  She’s a classic blonde beauty and has stood out from every photo in Atlantic City.

Miss Virginia,Desiree Williams,miss america 2014
Miss Virginia

3.  Miss Virginia Desiree Williams

With her piano talent and her stunning beauty, she is a good contender for the Miss America crown.  She is very fit in her swimsuit and carries the platform of  “fit and fun.”  She also won last year’s Miss National Sweetheart pageant, so she is one to watch.

 Miss California,Crystal Lee,miss america 2014
Miss California

2.  Miss California Crystal Lee

California Sweetheart won this year’s National Sweetheart pageant, so will California win Miss America as well?  Crystal Lee is a beautiful dancer and was a standout on the Miss California stage.  California usually does well at Miss America and I am sure she will continue the good track record.  Fun fact: She is not the only contestant named Crystal Lee, Hawaii is named Crystal Lee as well.

Miss Oklahoma,Kelsey Griswold,miss america 2014
Miss Oklahoma

1. Miss Oklahoma Kelsey Griswold

As a theater major, Kelsey has a great voice.  She was a double prelim winner at her state pageant and has a classic Miss America look.  In my opinion this girl will take it all.  I can see her as a double prelim winner at Miss America, and possibly your next Miss America 2014.

Be sure to watch the Miss America competition, on ABC Sunday September 15th at 9pm and follow us on Twitter as we commentate on the pageant from a pageant coaches prospective.

What’s Your Miss America 2014 Predictions

Now, that you’ve heard our predictions who do you predict will win the Miss America crown?

We’ve created a Miss America 2014 battle by putting all of the 2014 Miss America contestants head to head. Choose, which girl you feel would win the Miss America crown by clicking on her picture. Then scroll down to see our interactive Top 10 ranking system based on the previous visitor votes.

As you click on the pictures the Top 10 Results will change. All pictures are choosen at random from the contestants who are competing.

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Top 10 Miss America 2014 Predictions

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Which dress do you like better?

9 thoughts on “Miss America Predictions 2014

  1. I’m definitely pulling for Kelsey, Miss Oklahoma. She not only has face of Miss America but also the well-rounded personality that we need to continue to make the Miss America organization relatable to those outside the pageant world.

  2. Go Miss Tennessee! I think Shelby has a great shot at winning the crown… This article has made me that much more excited for the competition!

  3. I’m routing for Ohio…for obvious reasons 😉

  4. Kelsey Griswold, Miss Oklahoma has everything, and she is genuine and humble. Keley will win!

  5. Kelsey Griswold, Miss Oklahoma has everything, and she is genuine and humble. Kelsey will win!

  6. Kelsey Griswold……. OH my goodness. She has been rocking the stage since she was a very young girl. I know because she entertained us at her elementary school Andersen. I knew she was going to go FAR………. And her she is…… She would make a WONDERFUL Miss America……. Miss Universe……. etc etc.

  7. My pick is Crystal Lee, Miss California. I think she offers a unique combination of substance (2 degrees from Stanford, work experience at Dropbox and Yahoo) and fashion-forward style that can propel MAO forward in its STEM initiatives, which is her platform. She has made great connections already in the high tech field (her local title was Miss Silicon Valley) and with local Congressmen that are very interested in what she’s doing with the pageant. I think she provides MAO an opportunity no other contestant can – to generate interest in the pageant among one of the largest, fastest-growing segments of the economy, and not only to encourage young women to pursue STEM fields of study, but to encourage women already studying in these fields to enter the pageant; traditionally, there haven’t been that many contestants with these kinds of backgrounds involved in MAO. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful, has a great swimsuit figure, a terrific talent and is an articulate, passionate communicator.

  8. Pulling for Miss Louisiana, Jaden Leach.

  9. Voting for Miss Louisiana…Jaden Leach I believe she is genuine she has worked hard at striving for her goal!! It also helps that her commercial was with Duck Dynasty since Louisiana is #1 for their sportsmanship and southern hospitality would do America good right now!!

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