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Miss Arkansas USA Ambassador 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Gabrielle Goins, Miss Arkansas USA Ambassador 2016 - Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Goins.
Gabrielle Goins, Miss Arkansas USA Ambassador 2016. Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Goins.

Miss Arkansas USA Ambassador 2016 Evening Gown

Gabrielle Goins wore this royal purple evening gown when she competed for and won the title of Miss Arkansas USA Ambassador 2016!

The Color

This photo makes it difficult to see; however, this dress is a deep royal purple color. This color is absolutely dazzling, especially underneath the stage lights, and is extremely eye catching!

The color pairs perfectly with Gabrielle’s gorgeous brunette locks and fair skin tone.

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The Silhouette

Gabrielle’s evening gown features a simplistic column silhouette, one-shoulder sleeve, sweetheart neckline lined with elegant crystal detailing, and a tasteful knee-high slit.

The one-shoulder sleeve and delicate crystal detailing give the look its personality. The previously discussed purple color also provides the look with an overall spirited impression.

In contrast, the tight column silhouette paired with the knee-high slit gives the gown sex appeal while still maintaining a sense of regality that surely sets Gabrielle apart from her competition!

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The Styling

I am a fan of everything about this look except Gabrielle’s hairstyle. For this particular evening gown, I would have loved to see her hair styled simply in large, soft curls, around her shoulders. This would have increased the overall fluidity of her look tremendously.

The Verdict

Aside from the styling, I think that Gabrielle chose an excellent gown for her body type and features. It showcases her beautifully on stage, and for that, it is a HIT. Great choice, Gabrielle.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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