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Miss Earth Fire 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Bruna Zanardo, Miss Earth Fire 2016 - Photo courtesy of Miss Earth.
Bruna Zanardo, Miss Earth Fire 2016. Photo courtesy of Miss Earth.

Miss Earth Fire 2016 Evening Gown

Bruna Zanardo won the coveted title of Miss Earth Fire 2016 in this extraordinary olive green evening gown!

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The Color

This olive green color is unique and definitely pops on stage. I can’t quite say I have ever seen anything like it.

A bold and unique color is always a good option if you are truly going for the “wow” factor.

The Silhouette

Bruna’s evening gown features a column silhouette with subtle train, a unique sweetheart neckline, and gathered detailing throughout the gown.

I love the addition of the sizeable train. It adds the perfect amount of detailing to take this gown from your typical pageant mermaid silhouette to something special and unique.

With such a bold color, I wish Bruna would have gone with a more simplistic silhouette. When wearing bold colors, any over-the-top detailing, such as the gathered detailing, takes away from the eye-catching color and the contestant.

Bruna has an amazing stage presence and a killer figure. Had this gown has less detailing, it would be showcased much better.

The Styling

I love the classic, side swept pageant curls on Bruna. This hairstyle adds regality to the overall look.

I also love that Bruna took a risk and paired her gown with bold fuschia earrings. This is a huge risk, and I would not recommend it to everyone, but in a rare case, it is a phenomenal addition to the look.

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The Verdict

Bruna took a lot of risks within this look. Some of these risks paid off and some, unfortunately, did not. I love certain parts of this look; however, the parts I am not loving making this look a MISS for me.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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