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Miss Earth Water 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Stephanie de Zorzi, Miss Earth Water 2016 - Photo courtesy of Miss Earth.
Stephanie de Zorzi, Miss Earth Water 2016. Photo courtesy of Miss Earth.

Miss Earth Water 2016 Evening Gown

Representing Venezuela, Stephanie de Zorzi, put her own spin on the evening gown portion of competition and presented something new and different! Stephanie walked away with the title of Miss Earth Water 2016.

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The Color

This electric red hue says total confidence. The warm hue is a great complement to Stephanie’s porcelain complexion and dark brown hair.

A bright color like this one stands out well against the dark stage backdrop.

The Silhouette

Stephanie’s evening gown features a unique A-line silhouette, an ultra-high slit stopping at her hip, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and an intricate crystal detailed drop-waist bodice.

My eye is immediately drawn to the bodice of this gown. The neckline features a ton of details. First, the futuristic-looking layered sleeves are bordered in crystals and mesh fabric.

Underneath the sleeves is an immensely detailed bodice made up of coordinating crystals as well as a unique pattern.

The other major silhouette detail of this look is a dramatic high slit, stopping at her hip. Contestants can sometimes run into problems with a slit this high, but Stephanie appears to pull it off well.

The A-line skirt moves beautifully as she walks; however, it appears as if it may be slightly too short. I can not stress enough how important it is to try on your evening gown with the heels you will be competing in to make sure it hits the ground just right.

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The Styling

Stephanie does not have a hair out of place. Her brown locks are styled flawlessly in large, soft curls swept over to one side. Her hairstyle perfectly highlights her stunning facial features.

She tied her whole look together with a bold red lip, red heels and crystal earrings.

The Verdict

Stephanie is beautifully styled; however, even as unique and creative as this evening gown is I find myself looking more at the gown than at the girl wearing it. Unfortunately, it’s a MISS for me.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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