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Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Hayley Galloway, Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017 - Photo: Paul Carroll / Monsignor Photographic
Hayley Galloway, Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017. Photo: Paul Carroll / Monsignor Photographic

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017 Evening Gown

Hayley Galloway competed for the title of Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017 in this stark white and silver evening gown!

The Color 

This stark white gown is a fun choice as it is embellished with silver sequins. I like how the sequins are primarily on the bodice of the gown and dissipate towards the waistline.

The color combination of this gown pops extremely well against the dark backdrop highlighted with gold, silver and maroon sparkles.

The Silhouette 

Hayley’s gown presents a one-shoulder column silhouette with a dramatic, floor-length cape over her right shoulder and silver sequins that are dispersed on the bodice of the gown and outline her slim waistline.

The dramatic cape over the right shoulder is the perfect touch to this simplistic gown. Not only does it add dimension, but it can really emphasize Hayley’s stage presence.

Silver sequins cover the bodice of the gown and hit Hayley in the most flattering places to emphasize her slim figure. I do, however, feel like the hemline is a bit too long and could have been tailored. Remember to try on the heels you will wear with each gown fitting. (Read: What You Need To Know About Hemlines Before Competing)

The Styling

Hayley styled her jet black hair down, tucked behind her ears and swept to the back. I love this bold and fierce look!

A light smoky eye was the perfect choice for this gown as it takes this look to the next level! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that look best with your eye color for your next competition. (Read: How To Choose Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color)

Large, teardrop crystal earrings tie this look together and are the perfect amount of sparkle next to this glamorous gown! Still searching for competition earrings? Click here to browse Pageant Planet’s jewelry selection.

The Verdict

This dramatic look is an absolute HIT! Way to go, Hayley, and excellent choice!

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below.

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