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Miss Ghana Pageant Removes Contestant With Bleached Skin

There are occasionally some pageant rules that are put in place that regulate the health and appearance of the contestants that compete in a system. Miss Ghana has those rules for good reason. (Read: 25 Habits That Will Help You Win the Crown)

About the contestant who broke the rules

One contestant is the Miss Ghana pageant was removed from the competition after it was discovered that she had used skin-bleaching cream, something that is expressly against the Miss Ghana rules. The contestant was dismissed after her Takoradi auditions where she admitted to having bleached her skin.

Madam Innia Marian Patty Photo: YEN.com
Madam Innia Marian Patty. Photo: YEN.com

She said that she was initially given cream to use on her face after developing a rash without knowing that it would lighten her skin. After discovering the effect of the cream on her face, she put the cream on the rest of her body to even her complexion. She pleaded with the judging panel at the audition to allow her to continue in the competition but the judging panel refused to allow her to compete.

One of the producers of the event, Madam Inna Marian Patty said, “Yes, it happened. My team told me about it. We prefer natural skin tone and not bleached. We encourage ladies to be confident, have self-worth and be true to themselves.” She also stated that the judging panel is instructed to advise ladies on the negative effects of skin bleaching and tell them that they may return upon healing their skin. (Read: How to be Sure You’re Eligible for a Pageant With a Contract)

About skin bleaching

For those that may be unfamiliar, skin bleaching is a regular practice to lighten one’s complexion and even out skin tone. One uses a mixture of harsh chemicals to lighten skin. It is a dangerous practice but one that is widely available in cosmetic products. According to LiveStrong, the practice can cause worsening of skin conditions as well as the start of some other skin conditions. It can start thickening of the skin, unevenness in complexion, impaired healing and burning sensations.

Good for the Miss Ghana organization to stand by what it values and promote healthy habits. (Read: How Pageantry Has Changed to be More Than Just Outer Beauty)

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