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Miss Grand Iraq 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Klaodia Khalaf, Miss Grand Iraq 2016
Klaodia Khalaf, Miss Grand Iraq 2016. Photo courtesy of Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand Iraq 2016 Evening Gown

Klaodia Khalaf, Miss Grand Iraq 2016, competed for the title of Miss Grand International 2016 wearing this blush ball gown!

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The Color

This shade of blush looks absolutely fantastic paired with Klaodia’s gorgeous blonde hair.

This color works well for a wide range of contestants, especially those with darker skin complexions. However, when picking a lighter color such as this one, make sure it does not blend in with your skin tone. This will wash you out on stage and unfortunately not allow you to stand out amongst the competition.

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The Silhouette

Klaodia’s evening gown features a ball gown silhouette, tank sleeves, vee neckline, and lace detailing throughout the gown.

I love the bodice of this gown on Klaodia’s figure. It perfectly wraps around the smallest part of her waist.

The vee neckline and tank sleeves add tasteful elements of sex appeal to an otherwise youthful look.

My major concern with this evening gown is the ball gown silhouette. This silhouette doesn’t do Klaodia’s figure justice. It hinders her presence instead of flattering it. I would have loved to see her wearing a more fitted silhouette, which would accentuate her figure much better.

The Styling

Klaodia’s blonde hair is pulled away from her face in a sleek bun. Normally, I am not a fan of updos when a contestant is wearing an evening gown with a lower neckline; however, with Klaodia’s face shape, the bun ties her whole look together.

She paired her gown with matching blush crystal earrings.

The Verdict

I love certain elements of this evening gown; however, the silhouette isn’t flattering on Klaodia’s figure. Unfortunately, this gown is a MISS for me.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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