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Miss Michigan 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Arianna Quan, Miss Michigan 2016 - Photo Courtesy of Miss Michigan's Instagram Account @missamericami
Arianna Quan, Miss Michigan 2016. Photo Courtesy of Miss Michigan’s Instagram Account @missamericami

Miss Michigan 2016 Evening Gown

Arianna Quan, Miss Michigan 2016, surprised many when she stepped onstage in this stark white pantsuit during the evening gown competition of Miss America 2017!

The Color

White was a contestant favorite this year as Miss America. Many contestants stepped out on stage for evening gown wearing white gowns.

For Arianna in particular, white was an excellent color choice. This color complements her ivory complexion and dark hair perfectly.

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The Silhouette

Arianna’s “evening gown” of choice features a pantsuit with a fitted bodice that flairs out at the pant hemline, a tulle overskirt, and tank sleeves leading down into a plunging vee neckline adorned with scalloped edges.

I will start off by saying what you’re all thinking: a pantsuit for evening gown, what?! Arianna made the bold choice of wearing pants during the evening gown portion of the competition at Miss America 2017, and I have to say she could not look more stunning. The pantsuit was a surprising yet excellent choice on her part.

The bodice is fitted to perfection and, paired with the plunging vee neckline, both add sex appeal to her overall look.

I love that Arianna chose a non-fitted pant so that her wardrobe could still have movement and elegance like a traditional evening gown would on stage. A tulle overskirt was also a great addition to give her pantsuit that evening gown feel. The overskirt gave her look movement and dimension.

When competing at a pageant like Miss America, is it great to take risks in order to stand out from the other contestants; however, they have to be smart risks. Arianna took a definite risk wearing a pantsuit on the Miss America stage, but she executed her overall look so well and it was an excellent risk to take.

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The Styling

Arianna’s styling choices were outstanding! She opted to style her hair in large, soft curls. Styling her hair in this fashion was a great choice due to the simplicity of her overall look. Wearing her hair up would have decreased the fluidity of the  overall look.

She completed her look with large crystal earrings, matching her evening gown.

The Verdict

Arianna may have taken a risk wearing a pantsuit on the Miss America stage, but as I said previously, she executed her overall look so well and it was an excellent risk to take. This pantsuit is a total and complete HIT! Excellent choice, Arianna. I can’t wait to see if this new trend catches on.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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