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Miss Singapore Contestants Face Cyberbullying

Unfortunately, many pageant girls are subjected to scrutinization over their looks and performance all the time. One group of contestants from Singapore is getting a lot of negative attention online for one group picture.

About the Miss Singapore contestants

Many online commentators are tearing apart the Miss Singapore contestants over one photo of some of the contestants. The commentators are focusing on a few of the contestants’ looks in the photo. Hundreds of comments have been received over the photo below. (Read: How to Stop Bullying As A Pageant Girl)

Miss Singapore 2017
Photo: Joseph Juban

One contestant the internet is particularly focused on is Avla, the young woman with glasses. Many are criticizing her for wearing glasses during the onstage competition and even while performing CPR for one of the competitions. (Read: What to Do for Pageant Talent When You Don’t Have a Traditional Talent)

In speaking with the pageant organizers, ERM Singapore Marketing, it was revealed that Avla was experiencing pain in her eyes and that was the reason for wearing the glasses. Although it is kind that the organizers are defending the contestant, there is certainly nothing wrong with competing in glasses.

More clarification from pageant organizers

A few news sites reached out to ERM Singapore Marketing for commentary on the harsh words about the contestants. The company stated that these were not the official photos from their official photographer but rather pictures posted to Facebook by a man they did not know. This meant that the photos released were not sanctioned by ERM Singapore Marketing. (Read: 5 Tips for Directors to Expand Your Pageant System)

The company spokesperson also indicated that the contestants may not have been ready for the public spotlight yet because they are still becoming acclimated to being in the public eye. In one statement released on the Miss Singapore Facebook page, ERM said, “We applaud the finalist in the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 for their confidence to pursue a beauty pageant dream.”

The statement went on to say, “We look forward to witnessing their beautiful transformation by August 3, 2017, believing that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. – Helena Rubinstein”

This statement does not convey confidence and acceptance in the woman’s natural beauty but instead articulates that a woman must transform her natural beauty to fit an ideal of beauty. After already experiencing the pain of being tormented online, these words from the pageant organizers certainly do not help to lift their contestants up.

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