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Miss Teen USA 2013 Top 5 Evening Gowns

I had mixed emotions about the evening gowns that were worn at Miss Teen USA 2013.  Some girls made some risky moves, that’s for sure!  A lot of the contestants made some very risque choices considering they were competing in a Teen division (thank goodness for HIT or MISS).  For now, let’s feature the Top 5 gowns in the pageant.  Feel free to post your input as to what your opinion is on these gowns, or if you had different gowns chosen for the top five.

Starting out the Top 5… My number 5 choice was Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2013, Tori Sizemore!

 Miss South Carolina Teen USA,2013,Tori Sizemore,evening gown
Tori Sizemore

Tori’s gown was not so much a stand-out gown, but it was just absolutely perfect and angelic on her.  Sure, this gown is not something totally different than what you see on other girls, but the way she worked the gown made it stand out for me.  I love sweetheart necklines on teens, and the beaded body of the gown was lovely on her.  Another thing I love to see on teens it a full-bottom gown.  Tori’s gown had a form fitted skirt with a taffeta skirt over it that made it look much more full.  The gown was amazing, and I totally agree with her placement in the pageant.  She was a deserving front-runner.

My number 4 choice is… Miss Arizona Teen USA 2013, Olivia Argue!

Miss Arizona Teen USA 2013,Olivia Argue,evening gown,pageant
Olivia Argue

I feel like this choice may be a little controversial and many may not agree with my choice on this one (feel free to disagree and post who you would choose instead) but there was something that I actually really liked about it.  The only thing I don’t love is that I feel like she shouldn’t have chosen such a low-cut gown, considering she is a Teen.  Besides that little flaw, I loved the beaded body of the gown and the sheer nude pieces of the gown.  I also love that she has a little sleeve.  Mermaid gowns are another element I love to see on Teens.  This mermaid gown took it a bit farther with the layered panels that were also ruched.  It gave them a light, airy, feathery effect that I really liked!

My number 3 choice is… Our new Miss Teen USA 2013, the former Miss California Teen USA 2013, Cassidy Wolf!!

Miss California Teen USA 2013,Cassidy Wolf,evening gown,pageant
Cassidy Wolf

There were no other gowns in the pageant like this one.  It was such a bold color, considering most Teens choose pastels.  I love that she went with royal blue.  It made her light skin, hair, and eyes pop.  It was a very simple gown as far as beading goes.  There was enough beading to give a belt effect around the waist of the gown.  I am in LOVE with the peplum.  This can be done wrong is so many ways but it was complete perfection on Cassidy.  Loved this gown.  A very deserving winner!

My number 2 choice… Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2013, Haley Holloway!

Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2013,Haley Holloway,evening gown,pageant
Haley Holloway

Wow, this dress is giving me EVERYTHING!  She was a stunning girl in general, but her gown was amazing.  I want it for myself.  I love the top, with the black floral applique over the sheer nude fabric (I could live without the shoulder bows, but it wasn’t enough to knock it out of my #2 spot)  The bottom was gorgeous with the dress being form fitting, and having a more full skirt over top of it.  Gorgeous gown on a gorgeous girl!

Now… for my favorite dress!

The number one spot goes to… Miss Michigan Teen USA 2013, Ruby King!

Miss Michigan Teen USA 2013,Ruby King,pageant evening gown
Ruby King

I am borderline obsessed with this dress, I was absolutely speechless when she hit the stage.  It is so unique and that is my favorite part.  The top is amazing, and the intricate detailing of the shoulders and waist of the gown were insane.  I also love the iridescent blue skirt.  I usually hate high slits on Teens, but I am forgiving on this one because this dress is crazy gorgeous.  This was by far my favorite to hit the stage.

Post your favorites in the comment box below!  I would love to know your favorites!

Which dress do you like better?

11 thoughts on “Miss Teen USA 2013 Top 5 Evening Gowns

  1. I absolutely agree with the number one spot! Wow is all I can say! However, I did not think Cassidy’s dress earned a spot. I did not like this dress at all! I thought it was way too informal and a little awkward in my opinion.

    1. Cassidy’s dress was perfect…especially for her! Reason being is that she is so very beautiful and anything more would of taken away from her beyond beautiful face and shape! I also think the same holds true to Miss South Carolina’s dress!

  2. LOVED Michigan's gown!

  3. Hands down – Kansas!

  4. Ruby King' s gown is gorgeous!

  5. who was the designer for Michigan?

  6. The Michigan gown is stunning. Unique, regal, age-appropriate, flattering. Total home run hit. I haven't seen all the gowns from this pageant, but this is hands down the best one I have seen.

  7. i am OBSESSED with west virginias! so stunning

  8. Ernest Koneck did you see where the winner is from? #temeculagirlsrockthepageant

  9. I fully agree!! So beautiful!

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