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Miss Tourism Great Britain Disgusted By Major Pageant Mistake

Mistakes can happen anywhere, even in pageants. Saffron Hart, Miss Great Britain 2017-2018, spoke out about a major mistake that was made at the recent Miss Tourism World pageant.

About Miss Tourism World’s mistake

On January 27, Miss Colombia was crowned the new Miss Tourism World. Many of you might have heard of the major mistake that happened during the final night. After the Top 5 had completed the final onstage question, it was announced that there was a technical mistake in the judges’ points and that they needed to restart the final, then calling the Top 15 back on stage. There where only two from the original top 5 that stayed: Colombia and Mongolia. (Read: Miss Tourism World Makes Enormous Error During Pageant)

Miss Great Britain’s reaction to the re-run

Saffron Hart, Miss Great Britain 2017-2018, was one of the three girls that were in the original Top 5 before the re-run. Great Britain, Venezuela and Panama were replaced by Malaysia, Peru, and Serbia in the new ranking.

Hart has expressed her disgust over how they were treated in the pageant being chosen a finalist and then replaced.

“I’m no sore loser,” Hart said.” I’m just disgusted that we were all treated so appallingly. This has put me off beauty pageants for life. I was so in shock that I couldn’t believe that this farce was happening. The other girls were more outraged than I was. Everybody was so embarrassed. People were crying.”

The girls were outraged, and only 18 girls out of 51 returned to the stage for the crowning moment.

“Only 18 girls went back on stage when the winner was eventually crowned, including myself,” Hart said. “But it wasn’t the winner’s, Miss Colombia’s fault! They left us standing on stage for 20 minutes before myself, Miss Panama and Miss Venezuela didn’t make the re-count, and we all went off stage.”

Miss Great Britain
Saffron Hart, Miss Great Britain 2017-2018. Photo: Twitter.

A lot of money went into the preparation for the pageant. Hart spent £3,000 on outfits and her parents, Louise and Alan Atwill, spent £4,000 on traveling expenses to join her at the Melaka beach resort. (Read: How To Save Money While Competing In A Pageant)

“My mum, my stepdad and I had spent £7,000 and we’d all taken three weeks off work to travel to the other side of the world for a contest where we’d get to experience different cultures, ” Hart said. “But instead, all I did was rehearse all day and night and, on my limited time off, tour building sites that the sponsor was promoting.”

When her parents arrived, Hart was so busy they barely got to see her. Rehearsals for the final show were daily and often lasted until 5 a.m. as the contestants were learning and perfecting a complicated dance routine for the final show. (Read: 5 Ways To Prevent Pre-Pageant Stress)

In her only free time, she was taken around all the developments that are managed by Kerjaya Prospek, a sponsor and firm that built the Swiss Garden Hotel, where they were all staying at.

“I didn’t mind all the work and the tours,” Hart said. “I was just really excited to be representing Great Britain at this global event. Then I made the line-up for the final five. I was delighted! The Miss Tourism World team didn’t even acknowledge us girls afterward, never mind apologize. And I flew home with one of them two days later.”

Hart’s mom, Louise, was also saddened by the mistake.

“I’ve been shocked, disgusted and in utter disbelief,” she said. “How can they treat Miss GB like this? The number of people who expressed their disgust and sympathy, even the organizer’s staff, spoke volumes. It was so amateur and unprofessional. What an embarrassment!”

Miss Great Britain
Saffron Hart, Miss Great Britain 2017-2018. Photo: Miss Great Britain Organization

“Beauty pageants are part of our national culture” 

Giorgiana Rosas, Miss Tourism Venezuela 2017-2018, was also one of the girls that did not make the cut after the re-run of the final. Rosas was very disappointed by the incident, as she said beauty pageants are a big part of her national culture.

The 18-year-old said she burst into tears when the pageant was recalled.

“I felt publicly humiliated because beauty pageants are part of our national culture and this left my whole family in floods of tears,” Rosas said. “It was ridiculous and unfair.”

Miss Venezuela
Giorgiana Rosas, Miss Tourism Venezuela 2017. Photo: Miss Tourism Venezuela organization.

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