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Miss Universe Welcomed Home After a Long Stay in New York

The crown has come home after 63 years and France had a grand welcome for the reigning Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere. She will be on a five-day stay in France as a part of a tour with the Miss Universe organization and she did not miss the chance to pass by her hometown, Lille, where she received the warmest celebration from the townsfolk of Steenvoorde.

Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere walks through the welcoming crowd of Lille. Photo: LaParisienne
Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere walks through the welcoming crowd of Lille. Photo: LaParisienne

On Thursday, March 16th, Mittenaere landed in Paris with tears as her mother appeared at the airport with hugs and kisses to give after being separated for a while. In an interview with Hollywood Life last month during her first few days of living in New York, she mentioned her mom whom she shares a close relationship with. It is just a seven hour plane ride indeed as they eventually see each other again this week, both moved from the feeling of missing each other badly. (Read: Iris Mittenaere Is Living the Life in NYC)

Five days is short for Iris to celebrate her homecoming so she is making the most out of it. After a day in Paris, Mittenaere sat privately with President François Hollande at the Elysee palace. Contrary to previous news about Hollande being less than excited in meeting the new Miss Universe, the young lady shared positive feedback with The Voice of the North columns on her first encounter with the President. The Miss Universe confessed being impressed with President Hollande as he made effort to throw jokes and received her well. (Read: Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere May Become Unpopular In France)

A press conference was also held on Friday afternoon at Elysee after her summit meeting with some details reported by Missosology in France. When asked about her life in America, she teasingly said she found comfort on hotdogs and hamburgers. She admitted to hitting the gym twice a week to keep her figure. Political questions were also thrown at her and she confidently answered them, showing that our Miss Universe is truly not just beauty but also brains.

The highlight of her stay in France was yesterday’s visit to Lille, the place where she grew up. Le Parisien covered the grand parade of Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere to Place Charles de Gaulle. Thousands of fans watched, listened and smiled eagerly as their queen stands radiant on her silver crown at the balcony. Mittenaere expressed her mixed emotions as she cried happy tears in thanking the people of Lille for supporting her from the competition and throughout her reign.

“It is thanks to you that I am here. You were the first to believe in me and I am very proud to bring you this crown,” Mittenaere shares in her speech to her hometown people.

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