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Mrs. Vietnam World Announces First Runner-Up as Mrs. World Representative

Hana Hanh Tran, Mrs. Vietnam World 2017. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World
Hana Hanh Tran, Mrs. Vietnam World 2017. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World

Last week, Mrs. Vietnam World, an official preliminary to Mrs. World, announced in Vietnam that the 2017 winner, Nguyen Bao Ngoc, would lose her title and be replaced by first runner-up Hana Hanh Tran. (Read: Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 Beauty Pageant Focuses on Local Community Service)

The decision came following a number of correspondences between pageant officials and Nguyen in which the pageant tried to receive confirmation that Nguyen would be able to attend Mrs. World 2017.

Nguyen, upset that director and Mrs. Vietnam World 2015, Kelly Tran, would be unable to attend Mrs. World in South Africa in December and feeling as though she was not receiving adequate support, did not respond or confirm her attendance at Mrs. World by the given November 2 deadline.

After being informed she was being replaced, Nguyen posted on social media about the Mrs. Vietnam pageant. Feeling her negative post was in further violation of her contract, pageant officials decided to move forward with their decision to replace her.

Original Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 Court. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World Pageant
The original Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 Court. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World Pageant


If you ever feel as though you are not receiving the support you feel you need, never completely abandon communication with your directors. When given a deadline, respond, even if it is, “Before confirming, I have a few concerns I would like to discuss.” This lets them know you are still in communication and still committed to your title.

Not feeling your directors are adequately preparing you to meet your goals? Find a pageant coach who will. Honestly, there is a big difference between directors and coaches. Think of it as a sports team. You have an owner who basically just foots the bill and a coach who actually develops the players and directs them to win the games. It’s the same with pageantry.

Mrs. World

Mrs. World will take place December 9-16, 2017, in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Read: Mrs. Vietnam World 2016 Enchants the Mrs. World Stage with Her National Costume)

Vietnam will be represented by Hana Hanh Tran while the United States sends three representatives, including Mekayla Eppers, Mrs. America 2018, along with Mrs. of America, Julie Cangialosi, and Mrs. of the America’s, Charity Majors. (Read: Mrs. America Selects Additional Contestants to Compete at Mrs. World)

Good luck to all of the contestants at Mrs. World.

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