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National American Miss in Review

Michaela Jacobs
Michaela Jacobs crowns the new National American Miss Teen, Maddie Helget. Photo: Rod Aberegg

Voted the number one pageant system in the nation, National American Miss (NAM) is truly unlike any other pageant system in the country. Whether you have competed in pageants before or it’s your first time to step on a stage, NAM is the perfect opportunity for “Today’s Girl.”

The goal of NAM is to instill valuable life-long skills in each contestant that will build your confidence and set you up for success!

No matter what your future plans include, each contestant walks away with a newfound sense of purpose and confidence, as well as the skills to achieve all of her dreams.

National American Miss in Review
Nothing compares to the sisterhood of NAM girls! Photo courtesy of National American Miss.

Getting Involved

Open calls are held to inform all new NAM contestants and their families about the values, goals and mission of NAM.

These are free informational sessions that go into great detail about what NAM is all about, what to expect from pageant weekend, the required competitions, optional contests and much more.

With an emphasis on gaining communication skills, each contestant will also participate in a short one-on-one interview at the open call. (Read: 5 Tips to Nail Your 60 Second Pageant Interview)

Getting NAM Ready

With a foundation rooted in growing confidence, National American Miss goes above and beyond to make sure each contestant is prepared and excited for pageant weekend through four vibrant and descriptive magazines.

So, regardless of your previous pageant experience, these magazines are designed to ensure you have all of the step-by-step tools needed to perform your best on pageant weekend!

National American Miss in Review - Model
NAM contestants can compete in a variety of optional categories, including a runway competition. Photo: Rod Aberegg

Getting to the Crown

At NAM, each contestant participates in four required competitions: Formal Wear Modeling, Personal Introduction, Interview, and the Community Service Project.

As an added bonus, contestants interested in the performing arts and showcasing their individual talents can also participate in the separate Optional Contests. These include Actress, Casual Wear Modeling, Talent, Top Model Search, Spokesmodel, Photogenic and more! (Read: Your Ultimate Guide to NAM Optional Contests)

Getting to Compete is Just Part of the Fun

Each of the state finalists has an opportunity to qualify for the National Pageant in Anaheim, California where they spend the day in Disneyland, tour the famous streets of Hollywood, meet life-long friends from all over the country, and can even take away a brand new Ford Mustang Convertible!

Getting the Gist of it All

So let’s take a quick look at National American Miss in review!

All girls ages 4-18 who are interested in participating in NAM can either go online at www.namiss.com or can attend an open call in their area.

Whether you are a pageant veteran or looking to try something new, NAM is the pageant for you.
We are awarding more than $25,000 in cash and prizes at the state level.

Our national event is held each year in California at Hollywood and Disneyland where we award over $500,000 in cash and prizes and give away a brand new 2017 Ford Mustang Convertible!

With over $1.5 million dollars awarded each year, there is truly a place for you to learn, grow and achieve your dreams at National American Miss!

What is National American Miss
The 2016 National American Miss and National All-American Miss winners pose together during an outdoor shoot. Photo courtesy of National American Miss.

Get After It

Now that you have all the information you need, get to it and apply! So many titleholders you’ve seen crowned live on television and those you see in your community were once NAM girls themselves.

Will you become part of the NAMily?



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2 thoughts on “National American Miss in Review

  1. My daughter is 8 years old and we have received these letters for the past 2 years or so. I asked her if she would be interested in doing the interview session of the open call, she was ready for it. We recently received an email stating that she is a state finalist and that the judges were impressed with her most of all…really? I kind of felt as if everyone gets the same letter of invite. We are located in Austin, Texas and I have yet to see a complaint regarding NAM in Texas, however, I do not see any good reviews regarding NAM in Texas. At my daughters open calling there were only 7-8 girls her age. How many will be at the pageant? And as a single mom and with her already being in sports, dance & piano classes…I just don’t want to put her in something where I am paying and paying constantly. I was in pageants and we never paid for an entry fee and if there was an entry fee it was that one time fee and I went out for Miss Texas Teen USA when I was younger and other local pageants that were definitely legit. Can an 8 year old win the car as in the opening call we were told that a new Mustang can be one of their prizes, however, I have read that the Mustang is only for the teenagers to win. My daughter’s Pre-Training is on May 31st, they asked that I bring 275.00 and they will let me know when to pay my remaining balance of another 275.00 at a later date. After reading so many terrible reviews, I am shocked and skeptical. My daughter is well mannered, meets friends well on her own, because she is just a social bug and active in our community & church, her life skills are on point because it starts at home…we teach her well. I will be praying on this and usually my instincts are correct. Maybe we will check into the local Texas pageantry(s).

    1. This will be my daughter’s third year doing NAM. Yes it’s expensive, but we have looked into other pageants systems and they are pricey as well. Especially when you look at a state pageant cost.

      I’m not sure what pageant systems as you were looking into in your area, but when we looked at local pageants here in California the cost is just as high as NAM, though most are prelims for the USA or America program and will pay the entry fee for that if you win . In fact my city has a local pageant that isn’t even a prelim for the USA or America program & the entry fee is more the NAM.

      As for the reviews you’ve read, were they complaining about the cost? Almost every negative review I’ve seen about NAM has to do with the cost. I don’t think anybody has a bad thing to say about the actual pageant system.

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