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National American Miss Interview Tips

national american miss, pageant interview
For National American Miss, interview suits are suggested!

Although each pageant system has an interview portion of competition, each one is different. When preparing for interview you should keep in mind which system you are competing in and what they are looking for.

The last two days I have explained the distinct characteristics of the Miss America and Miss USA interviews. Today I will explain National American Miss. This system’s popularity is growing very quickly due to its great state and national productions, strong morals, and high standards.

Here are the characteristics of the National American Miss Interview.

Score Percentage:


Judges/Set Up:

National American Miss interviews are different than the traditional panel style judging as in Miss USA and Miss America. Each NAM contestant has one minute with each individual judge. Most pageants have six judges, so the interview is a total of six minutes of direct interaction with judges.



Question Topics:

Personal Questions About the Contestant

Contest’s Goals and Future

Possible Questions and Answer:

1. How would you describe your personality?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

3. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

My answer:

At 29 I will have an established career and begin working on my family. As soon as I have secured a lead executive role in my job I will begin working on my family. I aspire to be just like my mom and find the balance between business and family just like her.

Which dress do you like better?

5 thoughts on “National American Miss Interview Tips

  1. I have something to add to this. I competed in NAM Kentucky for several years, placing 1st runner-up to Megan Webb in 2012 at state before she went on the win the National Teen title. I also was the 2013 National American Miss Kentucky, but I forfeited the title for several personal reasons. Enough of that, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what I was talking about! Haha. Anyway, it is SO important to go into a NAM interview knowing why you want the JOB as state queen. In EVERY NAM interview I did, including my phone interview for the appointed representative Miss title, I was asked why I wanted the title or why I thought I deserved the title. This is important for any pageant, but in all my years competing in NAM, I was ALWAYS asked this!

    1. so what was ur response

    2. What was your response?

  2. All it takes for you to win National American Miss, is to have confedence, and be yourself!!! And have fun of corse! ????

  3. How did y’all first get in ??

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