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National American Miss Makeup Policy: The Ultimate Guide

national american miss,makeup,age appropriate
NAM Florida queens getting ready for the competition!

It’s time for the National American Miss pageant! With girls from all over the country coming together to compete for the prestigious NAM national titles, it is important that you are completely ready to take on the competition. Follow this ultimate guide the National American Miss makeup to look your best (and feel your best!) going into the competition. Best of luck ladies!

National American Miss Princess Makeup Policy

national american miss princess makeup,policy,rules,guidelines
2014-2015 National American Miss Princess, Hailey Stroh

The princess division is the youngest group of contestants in the pageant, and should like it! You want your little girl to look like a princess, but don’t want to go about it by putting a lot of makeup on her face. The judges will be looking for the girl who shines from within, not who looks like a teenager at age 6.

For interview, no makeup should be worn. The judges will be up close and personal with the girls, and don’t want to see them wearing any makeup! Make sure to tell your daughter to be herself in this phase of competition and she will do great.
For onstage competition, no makeup is necessary. Your little princess will look perfect in her sparkly dress to compliment her sparkly personality!

National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Makeup Policy

national american miss jr pre teen makeup,policy,rules,guidelines
2014-2015 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen, Tatum Pearlman

While these girls are older than the princesses, they are still very young girls and don’t need to be wearing makeup for the competition week. Same as with the princess division, keep their faces clean and let their personalities do the talking!

For interview and onstage competitions, no makeup is necessary.

National American Miss Pre-Teen Makeup Policy

national american miss pre teen makeup,policy,rules,guidelines
2014-2015 National American Miss Pre-Teen, Braylin Woodard

Pre-teens are still under the category of divisions who should not be wearing any noticeable makeup.

For interview, keep her face natural! This is especially important in interview because the judges are up-close and personal with the girls. You want to make sure that nothing will distract the judges from her natural beauty and outstanding personality!
For onstage competitions, no noticeable makeup should be worn. Light lip gloss is okay, but it is important that the girls in this age division look their age.

National American Miss Junior Teen Makeup Policy

national american miss jr teen Makeup,policy,rules,guidelines
2014-2015 National American Miss Jr. Teen, Elizabeth Saby

Junior Teen is a tricky division because the girls are not quite at the teen level but also not pre-teens anymore. This is the first age group that is allowed to wear makeup, so you may see some girls who get too excited and over-do it. The judges still want to see a JUNIOR Teen, not a Teen or a Miss!

For interview, wear light makeup that accents your facial features without overdoing it. As with every other age division, the judges at NAM want to see the girl behind the glamour of the onstage competitions, so let them see your beautiful face in the interview competition.

Wear light foundation, a neutral eye shadow, a light blush, and cover any blemishes on the face. A light pink lipstick is appropriate to finish the look.

For onstage, wear makeup that enhances your natural features and compliments your overall appearance. Makeup can be applied slightly more than it is for interview, since the judges are farther away during the onstage competitions. However, the most important thing is not to overdo it if you transition from the Pre-Teen division. Less is more at National American Miss!

National American Miss Teen Makeup Policy

National American Miss Teen Makeup,policy,rules,guidelines
2014-2015 National American Miss Teen, Danielle Fisher

While teens should wear makeup, it is important to keep in mind that the judges aren’t looking for a girl who could pass as a 25 year old; they want to see YOU.

For interview, NAM Louisiana Teen 2014 Kalina O’Brien recommends keeping your makeup “naturally polished.” You want to wear neutral two-tone eyeshadow with light eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes stand out, but still look natural. Light foundation and a soft blush should be worn on the rest of the face, remembering to blend well so that it looks natural.

For onstage competitions, Kalina suggests keeping makeup natural-looking but heavier than interview makeup. You have to keep in mind that the stage lights will dull the look of your makeup, which is why we wear more makeup onstage than for interview. NAM is a more conservative pageant, so keep this in mind when doing your makeup. However, false lashes are still good to wear (as Kalina suggests) to make your eyes pop onstage!

National America Miss Makeup Policy

National America Miss Makeup, Policy,rules
2014-2015 National American Miss, Madisen Hill

Miss contestants have the most freedom with their makeup as they are the oldest division in the national pageant. As a Miss contestant, you want to serve as a role model for all of the younger girls competing this week with you. With this being said, even the Miss contestants should keep their makeup age-appropriate onstage and throughout the competition week.

For pageant interview, wear makeup that compliments your facial features without covering them up. You want to wear foundation, eyeshadow, blush, light bronzer, etc., but you don’t want to wear too much. The key is to find the right balance of wearing flattering makeup without over-doing it. Kalina’s idea of being “naturally polished” is still applicable for the Miss division!

For onstage competitions, makeup should be natural looking while still giving enough coverage for the stage lights. For example, a light contour is okay, but don’t go overboard and paint on perfectly sculpted cheekbones. For some systems this is necessary, but with NAM the judges are looking more at the girl on the inside than on the outside.

Other tips…
All of us at The Pageant Planet want you to succeed at National American Miss, so we have some extra tips to help you!

1. Spray tans are optional
Many girls choose to get a spray tan for other national pageants, but they are not necessary at NAM. One NAM mom explains that spray tans will not give any girl an edge over the others. Remember: the judges are looking at what’s on the inside.

2. Be yourself
When I asked a friend about her experience with NAM, she said that her daughters love competing in NAM because there is no pressure to be someone that they’re not. The judges want to see you for who you are, not for someone that you are trying to be.

3. Don’t overdo it
There may be those girls who strut into the pageant with a dark spray tan, lots of makeup, and what seems to be flawless wardrobe. But at the end of the week, it’s up to the judges. There have been times when I have been sure that a girl would make the top 3, or even win, and then she doesn’t even place in the top 10. Don’t worry about the other contestants; only worry about yourself.

4. Have fun!
When you have fun at a pageant you end up stressing less and doing better in the end! There may be times when things don’t go as you have planned. The best way to handle this is to remember that everything happens for a reason and that the pageant week will be so much more enjoyable if you aren’t worrying about every little detail!

A special thanks to all of the NAM families that helped provide information for this article! Good luck to all of the girls competing this week, remember that you are all winners as long as you do your best and have fun!

Note: These are all suggestions, and we cannot say for certain what your particular judges are looking for.

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