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National American Miss National Queens Taking Over Sherri Hill Headquarters This Weekend

If you compete in pageants, you undoubtedly have at least tried on a Sherri Hill gown if there isn’t one hanging in your closet.

Her name is synonymous with pageantry and her dresses are drool-worthy, whether for the evening gown or fun fashion competitions or even for appearances.

Her gowns can even be found on girls at prom and homecoming dances because they are that fresh and fun!

So, if you were to get the opportunity to attend a welcome party and photoshoot at her headquarters, you would surely be pretty stoked about it!

National American Miss Jr. Teen 2017. Photo: NAM
National American Miss Junior Teen 2016. Photo: NAM

NAM heads to Sherri Hill Headquarters in Austin, Texas

Well, that is just what the National American Miss National Queens get to do to celebrate the new year.

On January 12, 2018, NAM queens will attend a welcome party at Sherri Hill Headquarters.

Sherri Hill has been hand-selecting dresses for the girls to wear for their photoshoot. Yes, as a NAM National Queen you could have a dressed picked just for you by Sherri Hill herself.

You’re screaming, aren’t you? I bet you are. Inhale, it gets better.

National queens will be given a VIP tour and gifts, their attire will be coordinated by Ashley Rene, and Kara Knudsen will be providing makeup services.

Ready for the best part?

Sherri Hill just might make an appearance. She’s a busy lady, like any woman in pageantry, so it all depends on if the stars, and ultimately her schedule, align with the event.

2017 National American Miss Queens. Photo: NAM
2016 National American Miss and National All-American Miss Queens. Photo: NAM

National American Miss

Don’t know what National American Miss is? Well, it is one of the largest pageants for girls today and a place where many top titleholders get their start. (Read: Top 10 National Pageants of 2017)

NAM holds nationals at Disneyland in California every Thanksgiving week. I was fortunate to meet many pageant families while heading on a trip out of Orange County Airport the Sunday after Thanksgiving this year, and everyone was smiling and talking about how much fun it was. Even the pageant dad who sat next to me on the plane said his daughter already asked to come back next year was absolutely beaming with pride even though she didn’t win. (Read: How to Have a Memorable Pageant Experience Even if You Don’t Win the Crown)

So, if you’re interested in being part of the NAMily, information is available on the website. You don’t even have to win the state queen’s title to make it to California; first through fourth runners-up are invited to nationals under National All-American Miss, a separate pageant that takes place alongside National American Miss for all of our City Queens. You could even place in the Top 5 for several of the optional contest to qualify for the National All-American Miss pageant. (Read: What is the Difference Between National American Miss and National All-American Miss?)

Going forward

You never know who you are going to meet when you are involved in pageantry. I have met the mayor of my city, signed autographs alongside Captain Sig from Deadliest Catch, received wardrobe advice from Kara Knudsen, spoke with the fabulous Jonathan Kayne about shoes, met or was judged by multiple past titleholders I looked up to and got to spend time with some pretty awesome little kids.

Who knows, you just might get to meet Sherri Hill and all because you won a pageant.

Good luck!

Which dress do you like better?

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