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New Film to be Made About Teen Pageant Struggles

American author Julie Murphy’s young adult novel entitled “Dumplin’” will be adapted into a comedy movie to be produced by COTA Films and directed by Anne Fletcher, director of Hollywood popular films, The Proposal and 27 Dresses. The story is based on the struggles of a mother-daughter relationship in the pageant world.

The novel's tagline related to overweight girls joining pageantry. Photo: The Fandom
The novel’s tagline related to overweight girls joining pageantry. Photo: The Fandom

Dumplin’ is a young adult novel, published in 2015, that revolves around the story of a confident plus-sized teenager named Willowdean. Dumplin’ is Will’s nickname from her ex-beauty queen mother, Rosie, whom she loves to challenge. After discovering love in the form of a boy named Bo, Will begins to discover her self-insecurities. To prove her worth, Will decides to enter the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet and becomes an inspiration to unpopular young girls in joining the local pageant.

Rosie will be played by the beautiful Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston based on ComingSoon.net headlines. Her role as Will’s mother reflects the struggles of beauty queen moms who see the future of the pageant world for their kids. The young ones, however, are not interested in following their footsteps. In Dumplin’, Willowdean finds new respect for her mother as she leads her the way into pageantry.

The film is set to start shooting this summer, according to Deadline Hollywood reports on Wednesday as the news broke out in the entertainment industry. The movie relates to interesting topics in the pageant world such as having competitions for overweight women and Mrs. Pageants for beauty queen mothers. As the tagline reads, “Go Big or Go Home.” (Read: UK Pageant Challenges Beauty Norms)

Dumplin’ takes a peek of the ups and downs in the world of pageantry. It will also be a fun-filled act by an all-star cast (actors yet to be revealed) that is perfect for a mother-daughter movie bonding.

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