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Do you have the next big news article? Do you have a topic that you would LOVE for Pageant Planet to cover? Now is your chance to submit your idea! Just fill in the information below to have us to review your idea.

What makes a good news article?

A strong news article will have several components. Please note that speculations or “hunches” do not count as a tip, however if you have evidence or documentation then you could be onto something. When submitting you tip you should articulate a clear problem that has had or will have consequences. Be as specific as possible.

Lastly, a news article should be news worthy. It should be something that will inform our community, make the planet of pageantry better or more informed and spark conversation about the topic.

If your daughter has been newly crowned then please submit her information here so that we can celebrate her!

Here are examples of good news tips:

  1. Here is proof that a pageant director didn’t give promised prize packages.
  2. Here is proof that a pageant didn’t tally their scores correctly.
  3. Here is proof of a change in pageant rules.
  4. New crown announcements.

What makes a good article submission idea?

We LOVE any idea that is going to help our girls succeed in pageantry. Though we’ve written thousands of articles on the topic we are sure that we might have missed a few areas. Use the search box above and if you don’t find the article topic that you’re looking for then submit it below and our writers will get to work!

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