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Nominate Your Favorite Pageant of 2017

What is the best “Mrs Pageant”? Who is the best state director? National director? Select a category and nominate your favorite below!

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23 thoughts on “Nominate Your Favorite Pageant of 2017

  1. fine pageant system and director

  2. Best of Luck,
    Miss South Carolina Plus America Ambassador 2016

  3. MAR-USA is a great system. The national director is amazing as well. The system has a division for all ages and abilities. They are very welcoming and fun to compete with. Great system to make new friends

    1. We love MAR

  4. Michel C. Belliveau is a great Director of pageant. For the past 40 years has been producing local pageant in Canada. Won several awards for his dedication and professionalism. We ave been working together since the very beginning. His teaching carreer has also been very rewarding. Pageantly, SH

  5. American Spirit Pageants under the amazing National Directorship of Dedra Curtis, is a system of TRUE beauty inside and out. If you have Character, Conviction, Compassion, Courage and Charity, this pageant is for you! #AmericanSpiritPageant.com
    #AmericanSpirit TV Pilot

  6. Best of luck, UNM Ohio! Well deserved.

    1. Thank you Taryn! With a staff of 3 we are honored you enjoyed it!!

  7. U.S. United Pageant under the Fabulous direction of Marchia Mickens Phillips is an awesome system. This is truly a pageant with a cause and promotes true sisterhood.

  8. Excellent pageant highlighting the talents and contributions of Senior Women

  9. Miss India Queen of Queens all the best

  10. Mrs India Home Makers is the most priviledged platform for the women who can showcase their inner talents, its a platform of women empowering herself and also get a chance to do something out of the box. All thankyou to Aizya Joshi Maam National Director of #MrsIndiaHomeMakers

  11. Mrs.india home makers it’s platform who can show their inner talent and fulfill their dreams. I want to thank national director Aziya joshi ma’am to give this opportunity to women to become a emotionally and maintally strong.

  12. Fantastic, family fun pageants.

  13. My vote is for Edie Klein of Ultimate Dream Queen an Ultimate Dream face. In my over 30 years pageant history and experience Edie is by far the most organized, experienced, generous, Fair, responsible, loving, kind-hearted,giving pageant director I have come across.

  14. Global Elite Miss International is a natural pageant system with years of strongleadership coming into 2018. I have competed in several age divisions and have also been excited to share the experience with my daughter and friends.

  15. I nominate DeJonae Shaw, Best/outstanding Director Greaterempirepageants.com

  16. I would like to cast my vote for best Director, for DeJonae Shaw, greaterempirepageants.com

    1. i listed twice because I no longer saw the first one. is this the correct way to vote? very convusing

  17. This system truly encourages every person to be proud of the skin they are in! Everyone welcome from babies , the boys the classic woman. The BeYoutiful division is amazing no matter the ability because there is always the spirit that will shine!

  18. Sterling Miss USA iS a wonderful national pageant that offers great opportunities for the contestants to grow on and off the stage. MrsDiDi answered all of our many questions and pageant weekend was extremely organized. Highly recommend!

  19. I had contemplated participating in a pageant for married women for over two years and researched various pageant systems. Once I discovered that the Mrs. PA-America pageant system was a network of fun, encouraging women who support each other as friends and mentors, the decision was easy to make.

  20. America’s Classic Miss and Mister, Classic Teen is the perfect pageant for parents that prefer a truely all natural pageant system! What a relief to know I can let my little girl be exactly that on Stage! The National Director Bobbie O’Conner is very helpful, and I love that ACM has a platform that encourages contestants to get involved in the community and volunteer! I also appreciate that this system is a bully free system that holds their Royalty to a high standard!

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