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Nominations for “Best in Pageantry 2017”

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Over the past year you’ve been working with photographers, directors, coaches, designers and competing alongside of pageant girls all over the world and now is your time to nominate who you feel is the best of the best! Previous nominees have leveraged our top 10 nominations to significantly grow their businesses, which means that you are in a perfect position to help those who have helped you!

How will results be calculated?

The top 10 list will be determined by number and quality of the nomination submitted on a scale from 1 – 5.

Here are a few examples:

Nominee A receives a nomination with a generic, “She’s great!” message. Nominee A will receive 1 vote.

Nominee B receives a nomination with a genuine message of why he or she is deserving. He or she will receive 2-5 votes for that nomination.

If you have questions, check out our FAQ section at the bottom of this article. If you don’t see your question there, then type it in the comment section so we can answer it!

*Please see the FAQ below for specific questions regarding Nominations.

Nomination Categories

Who is your favorite designer?

Click here to nominate a designer.

Who is your favorite retailer?

Click here to nominate a retailer.

Who is your favorite pageant girl?

Click here to nominate a contestant.

Who is your favorite pageant/pageant director?

Click here to nominate a pageant/pageant director.

Who is your favorite pageant expert?

Click here to nominate an expert.

Nomination Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I vote for myself?

Absolutely! Just not more than once. That’s vain.

2. How can I get more nominations?

We suggest sending an emailing, linking to it from your website and sharing this article on social media to encourage your clients and followers to vote for you.

3. Can I nominate the same person for two different categories?

You sure can!

4. Do advertisers get special consideration?

No. Advertisers are spending money for exposure on Pageant Planet, not for buying their way into the “Best in Pageantry”.

5. Can I nominate the same person twice for the same category?

Nope. Please hold yourself back 🙂

6. Can I nominate multiple people for multiple different categories?

Absolutely! Nominate retailers, various pageant directors, coaches etc. The more the merrier.

7. Do I have to be a pageant girl to vote?

No! A crown is not required to vote 🙂

8. Can I nominate someone who doesn’t live in the United States?

Yes! Pageant Planet is global and we want to recognize the best of the best from all over the world!

9. When will the Top 10 be announced?

The Top 10 will be announced starting on January 2 and will continue daily until all the categories are covered.

10. When does voting come to a close?

December 22, 2017.



Which dress do you like better?

60 thoughts on “Nominations for “Best in Pageantry 2017”

  1. Would like to nominate Samantha Roth for best pageantry!!!!

  2. Can’t get the pageant girl nominee to open

  3. USA national Miss Alabama I nominate Mylee Kervin

  4. Are these the only catagories for pageant girls? Most are based on looks and clothes, anything about education, volunteer, or community service?

  5. Miss American Coed and National Merican Miss.

  6. Would like to nominate Sami Roth for best pageant headshot. Her head shot is so unique and not the cookie cutter look of many. Sami is a GREAT girl and very deserving of any award given as she gives back so much to the communities.

  7. Hi, unable to open the forms, would like to nominate Wendi Russo for Best Pageantry 2016

    1. It’s now working! Thank you for notifying us!

  8. I would like to nominate Brian Sutherland of El Paso for best makeup artist! He is truly talented & makes every young lady that sits in his chair feel like a queen ?

    For inquiries please visit: Bdsmakeupartist@yahoo.com

  9. I want to nominate Samantha Roth, Sami, for best headshot. She is such a great girl and a great role model! Her headshot is so pretty.

  10. I would like to nominate Tiffany Knight, Ms. California All-Star United States. She is a great role model and just beautiful inside and out.

  11. The best pageant director is Jackie Watson with UNM. She goes out of her way to make sure each girl feels like a queen. The very best part of Jackie Watson is that she shares her love of the Lord with the girls.

  12. I would like to nominate Janice McQueen as coach. I am on NC. she took the time to help me via cyber !! She was a Wonderful Help even on Internet and not there Personally. Helped Soooo very much. I Thank her !!!

  13. Teri Brown-Walker deserves this award just based on her sincere passion for the program and the woman who work so hard to be apart of the program. Teri is a mentor that any woman inside or outside the program would be lucky to have! I have been lucky to been able to call her my mentor and friend! If everyone had passion like Teri…..this world honestly would be a better place!

  14. I would like to nominate Andrea Hinkle Crigger for best fitness wear.

  15. I nominate Laura Clark of MEUS for best pageant Director <3

  16. Lindsay Mandel Royal Alberta pageantry top 10 directors in Alberta Canada !!!

  17. Nominating Today’s American Woman Pageant, because of its inclusivity for woman of all ages, abilities, and sizes.

    1. I agree!!! Today’s International Woman/ Today’s American Woman is a Pageant for all abilities and all types. A faith grow Pageant system and a family based Pageant. Jera Anders is a fabulous director and truly makes you feel like a queen inside and out.

    2. I agree 100% with this nomination. Today’s International Woman is all inclusive and truly for the entire family! It is also faith based and contestants are recognized for their community involvement.

  18. I would love nominate the Best Director Plus size Diva Studio Magazine Annette Jimenez for work hard, wonderful help share love & passion great role model. Beautiful…inside and out ❤️!

  19. I nominate Miss Earth for Best in Pageantry because the Pageant Oragnization and its Winners are working hand in hand in spreading their cause! Miss Earth is the only relevant pageant in the whole world!

  20. I nominate Miss Earth for best in pageantry because this pageant is not about celebrating the beauty of a woman What most I like in this pageant is they are promoting and teaching us, help us to preserve our mother nature.

  21. I nominate the NLYPageant for best in pageantry because this pageant system isn’t about being the most beautiful it’s about the beauty within. Not to mention this is a non profit organization, this system of pageantry helps young girls become confident in themselves and to express who they really are.

  22. Would like to Nominate Mario Moe BellaGloria of Delaware Professional Singer Entertainer Pageant Judge Emcee for his Unique Dedication to Pageantry and his fresh insightful outlook towards Pageantry Future endeavors.

  23. Coach Caddie in Houston, TX. She is a wonderful coach, with over 26 years of experience. She builds confidence in each young girl that she work with!

  24. Katie Maskey and Studio K Coaching is fantastic at getting you ready for your next pageant. From wardrobe to interview to stage presence, Katie can help. Her personal knowledge of several pageant systems is very valuable.

  25. I would like to nominate world Imperial beauties (patrina builds) as the best pageantry, all the girls are treated equal don’t matter what size you are or how old you are, they have a lot of fun during pageant weekend their winning prizes are wonderful, they are very well organize. And the pageant focus a lot on community service, giving pleople in need hope.

  26. I nominate Miss All-Star United States pageant and the director Tammy Johns. She has developed the most family oriented national pageant. Family and friends are welcomed to attend a wonderful variety of activities during competition week in the beautiful city of Savannah. A Riverboat dinner cruise, a ghost tour, and a contest scavenger hunt are just a few. She makes a personal relationship with each of her queens in order to help them develop their personal and professional skills. She provides them with opportunities and appearences that give them wonderful experiences as a reiging queen. From walking the runway at NYC fashion week to honoring our Veterans in the NYC Veterans Day parade. Mrs. Johns is a true American and she helps her ladies become one too.

  27. I vote Crown Jewell as the best pageant store for their wonderful styling skills and helping ladies put together the perfect package for competition. They are able to style you from head to toe! Hair makeup, jewlery, dress, shoes. They have consutations for interview and talent plus offer an awesome photographer for the perfect headshot.

  28. There needs to be a category for favor/best wardrobe cleaner.

  29. I nominate Brittney Cathcart, Royal International Miss International Role Model 2017. Not only is she an amazing role model to the people in her community but to young ladies that look up to her! She is a beautiful soul on the inside and out that cares about volunteering and promoting self confidence for everyone to love themselves for who they are! She is an advocate for Autism Speaks, Operation Gratitude, and her own organization that she created Be The One. I honestly believe that Brittney is an exceptional example of what a true pageant queen is and should be nominated for the 2017 pageant girl of the year.

  30. Question: Are there less categories this year? I remember last year there was favorite emcee, favorite photographer, favorite make up artist, etc.

    1. Hi Carrie,

      No, you can find emcee’s under “Pageant Experts”.

  31. I’d love to nominate Mrs. Pat from Pure. She went beyond any kind of act of kindness to see my daughter got to be apart of her wonderful group of ladies. My daughter lost her PopPop a month before Nationals and we just couldn’t bare leaving so she gave us the right to try for next summer. She send us a card from her family saying she was praying and thinking of us. Her and her family and Pure family go out of they’re way when you need it the most. WE LOVE PURE!

  32. I would like to nominate our professional organization’s former president and university role model Dr Prerana Patel, America’s miss national ambassador 2017. Her stage presence is astounding and is very well known around medicine community for her publications and work. Our entire organization across the nation wishes Dr Patel good luck. You are definitely the best in the pageantry.

  33. I would like to nominate Rebecca Hughes as best pageant director.

  34. I had 2 friends nominate me an I still don’t see it and never received an email back. I only know this because they messaged me. Is there anything I can do??

  35. would like to nominate danielle crumley for best dress and best headshot ,her evening gown was gorgeous

  36. would like to nominate danielle crumley for best dress and best headshot ,her evening gown was gorgeous and wonderful headshot

  37. I would like to nominate Tiffany Knight, Ms. All-Star United States 2017 for Best Evening Gown. When she walks onstage in her evening gown, she looks like an angel and her inner beauty shines!!!!

  38. I would like to Nominate American Pageants for best in pageantry. Reason being, their competition is 100% fair and just and they select their winners based on the content of their character.

  39. I choose Miss Earth because the pageant promotes environmental awareness and teaches us to become good steward of our earth. It is also very timely to what is happening now in the world, climate change and many natural disasters. Therefore it is important to take care of our environment and Miss Earth is all about it.

  40. Thank you so much for the best in fitness nomination! I feel extremely flattered and honored to represent women of a certain age.

    1. If anyone helps others want to be fit it’s Maria Beall. She is so dedicated and positive, and offers so many great ideas!

      1. Thank you sister Queen!!!!

  41. Maria Beall is dedicated to health and wellness and is honored to receive a nomination for best in fitness. She not only lives a healthy lifestyle but encourages her community and family to be healthy as well!!

  42. I would like to nominate Maria Beall for best fitness coach. She always takes the time to answer any fitness questions and is a wonderful role model!

  43. I nominate Maria Beall for best fitness coach.

  44. Victoria Bruce for director!!!!

  45. Victoria Bruce for director!!!! Great director and person!!

  46. Steve Hernandez should be nominated as the best coach and advisor. He is personable with his clients as well as quirky 🙂

  47. Steve Hernandez – PST Fitness for best personal trainer!

  48. Kara Knudsen (makeup by maskara) for best hair and makeup artist!!!!

  49. Crowning moments productions for the BEST pageant coaching!

  50. Ms. America 2017 – Oksana Vovk is the best National Titleholder!
    Even though she is a litigator lawyer and works 60 hours a week, she has made over 100 documented appearances as a national titleholder. Everywhere she goes people love her! I am grateful to have her as my Ms. America 2017!

  51. Ms. America International 2017 – Tracy Rodgers is the best National Titleholder!
    She has made over 100 documented appearances as a national titleholder. She has even volunteered her time to judge or just help out at many different national pageant systems. You can see her at all kinds of events all the time even though she has a full time job as a registered nurse, wound care special and legal nurse consultant. I own my own business and sit as an expert witness for medical malpractice and nursing home cases. Amazing woman! So proud she is my Ms. America International 2017!

  52. Ms. International 2017 – Nova Kopp for best National Titleholder…. What can I say! She is amazing! Amazing! Over 100 national and international “documented” appearances making memories with everyone she meets and making a difference. Looking forward to giving all my national titleholders the Gold Award from the President of the United States for their Volunteer Service.

  53. I would like to nominate the 3 queens from MS America, as they have “each” made over 100 appearances during their reign. Oksana Vovk, MS America….Tracy Rodgers, MS America International……Nova Kopp, MS International. Job well done, ladies….

  54. Mar -great system director our sweet and so our the girls

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