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Olivia Culpo to Star in New Film

Many former titleholders go on to have successful careers after pageantry. Miss Universe 2012 has been involved in modeling, restaurant ownership and acting since her reign ended. (Read: Who Are You After Your Pageant Days Have Ended?)

About her new film

Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 from the USA, has had minor roles in music videos and films, however, she now has her first leading role in a major film. Recently, she participated in a press conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, regarding her new film, “Reprisal.” Culpo commented, “I love the idea of playing such a powerful woman. She’s really an equal counterpart to her husband.” (Read: How to Use Your Title to Get Acting Jobs)

The film focuses on the story of Jacob, played by actor Frank Grillo, and his wife, played by Olivia Culpo. Jacob is struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after a bank robbery. Bruce Willis also has a large role in the film as he plays Jacob’s neighbor who tries to help Jacob when he is experiencing the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.

Photo: Cartier
Photo: Cartier

Filming has already begun for the movie, although there has been no released date set yet. Filming began on August 7 when the actors shot the explosive ending to the movie in Cincinnati. Director Brian A. Miller said jokingly, “I really appreciate you letting us blow it all up,” indicating that the movie will certainly have explosive scenes. Miller says that the cast and crew plan to wrap up filming within two weeks and that the film will be entirely shot in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The studio will spend approximately five to six months editing the footage before it can be made into a film. Directors indicate that “Reprisal” could be out as early as April 2018 or as late as October 2018, depending on the speed of the studio.

About other new ventures for Culpo

Among the excitement of filming, Culpo is also a part-owner of a restaurant opening in her home state of Rhode Island. The restaurant, Back 40, is set to open in mid to late August and is co-owned by Culpo’s cousin, Josh Culpo. She has worked as a co-host of “E! Access Hollywood” and a guest judge on hit TV show “Project Runway.” She has garnered over two million followers on Instagram. (Read: How to Become Pageant Famous on Instagram)

Big things are still to come for Olivia Culpo. How do you leverage your crown for success post-pageantry? Let us know! (Read: How to Leverage Your Title for Opportunities After Your Reign)

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